Get Detailed Audience Analytics & Track Music Performance With Our Insights Tab

We’ve updated our Insights tab, offering artists better oversight of release performance across all major streaming stores.

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Artists will now be able to view our new streaming analytics features on the web app, soon available on mobile in the next coming months. 😉

So what’s new? 📈

✨All artists can now access insights on content performances in our Web app.✨

All artists whether they’re on Pro, Boost, or Start can now view how their music is performing on all the major streaming platforms (like Spotify, Apple Music, etc) all collected in one place. Artists can take a deep dive into a number of streams for select releases within their whole catalog and compare performances between the streaming stores. 

Only catalog that has been moved to or distributed through amuse will show up in streaming analytics.

✨Deep dive into different time frames and zoom in on specific performance periods.✨

Whether the artists have been on tour or launched an exciting new marketing campaign on their socials, it’s now possible to select a specific date range to get more in-depth performance insights.

✨Control performances for each release.✨

Artists can now get data for a specific track or release and compare the number of streams between the streaming stores. 

✨Check the performance of any tracks featured on Spotify and Apple Music playlists.✨


Whether it’s from an algorithmic, editorial, or third-party playlist like our amuse “Selected by amuse” playlist, artists will now get a clear view of what’s happening with their music in the streaming stores. Now, artists can plan and target the right playlists for their upcoming releases.

We’re continuing to build out the Insights tab so stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, log in to your account to check out the new streaming analytics features!


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