How To Set Up A Pre-Save Link For Your Music

Everything you need to know about setting up a pre-save link for your new music release.

Written by Leni - June 9, 2021

We’ve seen your requests and know that pre-save links are one of the most requested new features on Amuse. Our product team is working hard to make it happen, and it’s coming very soon! In the meantime, we have put together a list of other external services for you to get your pre-save links and how to navigate through them.

Pre-save links are a key part of any new music campaign, as they allow your fans to “pre-save” your upcoming track or album to music streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. 

When a fan clicks on your pre-save link, they’re taken to a page that lets them “pre-save” your new release, meaning that on release day it’s automatically available in their music library.

On the day your music becomes available, the link will automatically convert over to a released version and you can continue sharing the same smart link to direct fans to your music.



Why is it good to have a pre-save link? 

Pre-save links help you build up hype with your fans before release day, and is the best way to make sure they listen to your music as soon as it drops. They also give your fans one more way to take concrete action ahead of your new music’s release.

Pre-save links also count toward the number of “saves” you get on release day, and the more “saves” you get the more likely your track is to end up on one of Spotify’s algorithmic or editorial playlists, like “Release Radar” and “Discover Weekly,” as pre-save links count towards your first day stream count.  

Where can I set up a pre-save link? 

Creating a pre-save campaign is super easy, and there are a heap of services available to help you set one up. If you distribute your music using Amuse, you can request your release URI from our customer service team (contact them here) and set up your pre-save link using SmartURL. The URI is a unique code that Spotify uses to identify different tracks and albums on the platform. More instructions for SmartURL pre-save links up next. 

How should I promote my pre-save link?

Once you’ve set up your pre-save link, it’s time to make some noise. Share your pre-save page link alongside promo teasers and track previews on social or via email to your email list subscribers, so your fans can get a taste of your new release and get hyped to add it to their music libraries in advance. 

The best pre-save link services for music artists 


You can create a free pre-save page for your upcoming release using smartURL. After you’ve scheduled your release for distribution, contact us (or the other distributor you’re using) and request the URI for your release. 

Once you receive your URI, create or log in to your smartURL account and select the “PRE-SAVE” option. Enter your Spotify URI in the box labelled “Spotify Product Id”, and fill out the rest of the form. You’ll see a preview of your pre-save page as you scroll down the form; you can customize this page if you want to using the “Customize Presave Page” options. 

Click the “Save smartURL” button when you’re done. This will take you to a new page, where you’ll find the link to your new pre-save page.

Presave is an automated tool that allows anyone to create their own presave campaign. Their tool lets you build an engaging fanbase with their follow features, helps give your campaigns an edge with custom domains and social icons, and collects data and stats by incorporating a remarketing pixel and geo-specific data. Their plans start from €9 per month for upcoming artists, and run up to €100 per month for major labels and agencies. 

presave1 is an all-in-one solution that helps artists get more fans and boost streams, with pre-save links, dynamic landing pages, data collection and listener insights. You can use their service for free or subscribe to one of their paid plans. All paid plans come with a free trial of their Pro plan so you can try it out before committing to a subscription.




Hypeedit is a tool that helps you create pre-save links for your upcoming releases on Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer. The service also helps you collect fan email addresses and lets listeners add your music to their favorite playlist with one click.


💡FYI: If you have a verified Spotify account and an active account with Amuse, you’ll find the URI under your upcoming releases -- use this when creating your pre-save link.

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