Our Top Five Tips on Promoting Your Music

Due to popular demand, we’ve put together a guide on how to best promote your upcoming release in 2022.

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A common question we get from a lot of independent artists is something along the lines of "how do I promote my music to reach a wider audience"? By leveling up your promotion game, you will not only gain access to more potential fans but also to better fans: your superfans. To help you level up, we put together our best five tips for promoting your music. 📈

1. Share your music with a Pre-save link

Pre-save links are a key part of any new music campaign, as they allow your fans to “pre-save” your upcoming track or album to music streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. 

When a fan clicks on your pre-save link, they’re taken to a page that lets them “pre-save” your new release, meaning that on release day it’s automatically available in their music library.

On the day your music is live in stores, the link will automatically convert over to a released version and you can continue sharing the same smart link to direct fans to your music.

Here's how to set up a pre-save link through amuse.

For now, pre-save is only available for Spotify and Apple Music (more coming soon). 



2. Create quality content on social media

If you’re not using social media already to promote your music, this is your sign to start! Most of the world’s population is on social media: it’s the perfect way for you to build an audience and promote your music for free. 

Here are some tips for promoting your music on social media: 

  1. Create a strategy: Don’t just wing it. Come up with a marketing plan for your upcoming release, ahead of time. Think of a theme that ties in with your release that can be visually communicated online. Make streamlined content that excites your audience about your upcoming drop and create a story around it.
  2. Find which platforms work best for you: Being active on every social media platform (there are now a few to choose from) can be challenging and frankly, time-consuming. Pick between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok. Read up on the platforms you choose to conquer and allocate time to one in particular that you think makes the most sense. Later has many helpful articles that break down the social media platforms out there: do your research and pick your best fit. 
  3. Be consistent: Post often, but not too often. We all know those people that clutter our feeds with a post every single day: don’t be that person. Just be consistent (moderately).

    For example:
    Twitter: 1-4 times per week
    Facebook: 4-7  times per week
    Instagram: 1-3 times per week
    TikTok: 6-10 times per week (while you get started, then go down to 3-6)

  4. Be authentic: The most valuable thing with social media is being able to connect in real-time with your audience. To really create relatability and connect with your fans, make sure you’re being your authentic self. We all have different sides to our personality and assets that make us, us. Find a way to be you, even if that means your artist persona, you can still be yourself. Don’t listen to the noise going on around you and what other artists are doing online, get to know what makes you unique and let that shine.
  5. Keep your branding consistent: Be consistent with your image! Once you figure out what you can bring to the (online) table and what your vibe is, stick to it. Keep your branding consistent across the social media platforms you are active on and make sure you have the same or a similar handle (name) on all your accounts. 
  6. Connect with your audience: Don’t just post and ghost. Interact with your audience. When they comment, DM, or try to connect with you somehow: respond! This is a great way to build your stans, and showcase your personality straight in response to those that will help you reach the top. For example, launch a competition on Instagram asking your fans to submit their photos or art for their chance of their artwork being featured as the official artwork on your next release. Get creative, engage with your fans and start building your community.

3. Create a successful EPK

Live gigs have been on hold for a good while, but restrictions are slowly lifting and venues are opening back up. Whether you’re sending your tracks to blogs or hitting up playlist curators, having a good EPK (Electronic Press Kit) can help you build trust with the people you’re pitching to. An EPK should include links to your music, imagery, touring history, audience data, and social statistics. Read our full guide on how to create a successful EPK. 

4. Submit your music to playlists

Getting your tracks featured on playlists is a great way of reaching bigger audiences with your music and growing your fanbase. Read our guide on how to pitch your tracks and the best ways to get them featured on the most popular playlists, generate streams and get your music out into the world.

amuse Tip💡: A reminder that amuse has a curated Spotify and Apple Music playlist called “Selected by amuse💛”: a weekly updated selection from our favorite tracks distributed through us. Go to this Selected post on Instagram to find out how you can submit your release. 



5. Make a music video

Music videos can completely transform the way people feel when listening to your music. It could be as simple as a live version of your performance. Capture your release in video form to not only share a visual experience with your fans but also to create a memorable moment for listeners. Official music videos are one of the most important tools artists have for establishing their brand aesthetic.

The production, however, doesn’t have to send you broke. Here’s our guide to making a music video on a DIY budget. 

 Source: Billie Eilish (Youtube Channel)


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