The hip-hop prodigy that went from completely unknown to millions of streams in a matter of months.

After a slew of hyped features and popular mixtapes, Swedish hip-hop artist Reyn dropped his debut single “Lowkey” in 2018. The single went on to earn over one million streams and catapulted Reyn into the international hip-hop scene.

A culmination of what he’s been building since he first started working with music six years ago, Reyn has followed up the success of his debut track with “Cartier”, a lighter, more uptempo beat with a lyrical playfulness.

When Reyn left high school at fifteen, he found himself standing at a crossroads. He could easily have chosen the same route as his brother and father, but he knew exactly how and where that would end. Instead, fate led him to producer Picasso On The Beat’s studio in Årsta, and suddenly everything became obvious. Reyn's choice became the music.




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