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Start your artist career and release your music for free.

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Boost your releases with faster deliveries, social media and more streaming services.



Boost, and then some. Multiple Artist Profiles, Release ASAP, Custom Label, 24h Support and more.


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Unlimited Releases to major DSPs

1 release/month

Unlimited Releases to Social & Discovery Platforms

Schedule Your own Release Date

Time to Release

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2-10 Days

Priority Support



Pre-saves & Smartlinks

100% Royalties

Spotify Verified Artist Checkmark

Royalty Splits

Access to Mobile Apps

Detailed Financial Statements

Daily Trend Reports

Advanced Insights

Youtube Content ID

Release Cover Songs




Access to Automated Advances (Fast Forward)

Withdraw Upcoming Royalties (Early Access)

Use Your Own ISRC

Free UPC


Release Level Country Restrictions

Music Stays Live When Downgrading


Multiple Artist Profiles

Invite Team Members to Artist Team

Release Under Multiple Artist Profiles

1,2 - Royalty Splits and Youtube Content ID are optional features that you can choose when creating a release. *Restricted in some countries, read more

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"In 2020, I released my first project with Amuse because they understand artist ownership in a way no other platform does. A short 18 months later, we’re approaching a million streams, ALL INDEPENDENT. Thank you Amuse."

Ben Kenobe, joined Amuse in 2020.

"Amuse is a well-oiled machine that has been supportive of my work, which far surpasses the experiences I’ve had with other labels and distributors that I have released music over the years."

AKA Block, joined Amuse in 2017.

"We joined Amuse early on in our careers in 2019. As an independent band, it's been great to have a distributor where we have lots of control over our music and are able to use all the features we need for free."

Tribe Friday, joined Amuse in 2019.


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