Spotlight: Caswell

Spotlight: Caswell

We caught up with Suffolk-based singer-songwriter Caswell ahead of the release of her new track 'Surface'. 

Interview by Leni - 15 February, 2019

Can you tell us how you first started making music? It's honestly such an odd story and people always laugh when I tell them about it. I was obsessed with 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' when I was about 10 and they did a musical episode which I, naturally, learnt inside out. I've always loved singing but that's when I started writing. I created my own "girl band" consisting of me and three friends at school, wrote us an album and designed our artwork! I really thought we'd make it, haha.

What inspired your new single 'Surface'? It was this idea of being submerged in a dark place emotionally, but not realizing it until you reach the surface and 'see the light', so to speak. Within the production David E.Sugar created lots of effected vocals I imagined as mer-people or siren song, the arps are kind of like ripples in water and the beats are methodical and primal, like rain. I'm a pisces, can you tell?

What does the 2019 evolution of Caswell look like? What else are you working on right now? 'Surface' is the lead single of my second EP 'Blindside', which is coming out on April 5th. There are three brand-new tracks on there which I'm super excited about! I'm also having my first ever vinyl pressed for it, and there will be launch parties in London and Ipswich. After that, bring on festival season! Performing live is my favorite thing to do.

What artists are you listening to right now? How do you discover new music? I tend to have 'new music' chats with a producer I work with loads (Hugh Fothergill) or with my bassist George Kerridge. They usually point me towards some interesting stuff and know what I'll like. At the moment it's Cage The Elephant, Billie Eilish and Cosha.

Amuse has a mission to support independent artists throughout their career journey - and not just the shiny parts. What advice do you have for up-and-coming artists who are struggling with self doubt and managing their careers with their mental health? Such a timely question right now. The last couple days I've been messaging a friend of mine who's also an artist as he was having a minor crisis, as we all do. He's very talented and doing well too, but it's hard to see that yourself sometimes and we're all our worst critic. We both agree social media is a killer and I for one always put myself down by it.

It's also hard to know if you're doing the right thing sometimes, there are so many little knock-backs that no one sees and it's just about having the end goal in mind and remembering why you're doing it. Talk to other musicians - we can all relate and will probably really appreciate talking about it too.


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