Staff Picks #31

Staff Picks #31

On Todays sett of Staff Picks you will hear a lot of great POP and hip hop from around the world!

Written by Fatou – April 23, 2019

Ivoris- Honeysea

Here we give you some great Aussie pop music and the video is so sweet, just like honey ;)

Hazlett- Fireworks

The Swedish singer/songwriter is out with ‘’Fireworks’’ It's about a night in Croatia with his then at the time girlfriend. Isn't it crazy how the best songs are about relationships? 


KC Purp- Silly Thots!

KC Purp DEFINITELY knows how to make a banger!


Name the Pet- Radion lovar regn

Okay first of all, cool artist name! Great garage inspired beat with a touch of Mauro Scocco Stockholmish pop!


Yønah- She do it to me

A new spin on classic LA pop. Yønah fell in love with the chords he played and 2 days later he had the whole song submitted to the Staff Picks! We love it!


Foliage- Pattern

This track is going straight to our private Spotify playlist and it also got featured on New Music Friday Latin! + Cool artwork

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