Staff Picks #64

Staff Picks #56

What a year of Staff Picks! Can you believe that we only have less than a month of 2019?! We loved all of your submissions, keep them coming fam! 

Written by Emma –  December 16, 2019 


"This track is about the art of wanting to save myself but just finding and getting hit in the face with a concoction of canalised anxiety, while looking a little bit too far down the rabbit hole. It’s about burning bridges and instead of actually mending what’s severed, hiding in a fantasy world. LOST + FOUND is an untamed groove monster derived from the underworld of a parallel universe.", says Yara about her new release. 

Get the feels here

Carmen Goett - La llorona

Mexican folk song with a music video with almost millon views! 

"In Latin American folklore, La Llorona (pronounced [la ʝoˈɾona]; "The Weeping Woman" or "the Cryer") is one of the most famous oral legends. The lore states a woman was abandoned by her husband and was left alone to raise her two sons, whom she instead drowned in a river out of grief and anger. "

Self-taught soprano who is currently living and performing in the Riviera Maya, Carmen's vocals are out of this world and together with the downtempo guitar, it creates a beautiful feeling of something old but at the same time something new. For the Staff Picks team this was a no brainer. 

Give it a spin here!

John Blaq- Obubadi

This Ugandan singer-songwriter is back with a new Afrobeat track "Obubadi" and its soo nice.

Get ready to put on your swag out and dance away! 

Give it a spin here!

Nasty Boy Louie-UKnow

Nasty Boy Louie - U Know

The producer and artist Nasty Boy Louie (aka Love Sjöblom) teamed up with the other Swedish artists Luda and Nebay Meles for this banger. 

Ludas' vocals accompanied by the smooth and swaggy RnB vibe makes this production a straight up killer!

We heard a little bird whisper that stuff is in the pipeline for this talented producer, maybe a solo project with a featuring artist in the near future. Keep a lookout for this one!  

Give it a spin here



This song could easily be a soundtrack to any upcoming movie. It's such a highly produced track it's almost ridiculous: from the intro to the background-singers to REV Mbunga's voice. We were awestruck by this track. 

Mbungabunga Herve also known as REV Mbunga, is a singer and musician based in Burundi, East Africa.

"I wrote this track in 2019. (Wait...that's now?)It talks about a Burundian king who started as a shepherd and became a king who unified Burundi." says Mbunga.

Feel the vibes here

Teggo, STRAMI-For Life

Teggo & STRAMI - For Life

Teggo is a Dutch producer, DJ, drummer, pianist and guitarist (what doesn't he do?) and STRAMI teams up for this grand slam!

We dont know much about the featuring artist "STRAMI" do you? LOL jk. We don't know much but he sure sounds hella cool. 

Check it out here

Julia Church- Paradise

Julia Church - Paradise

She's a South African singer/songwriter based in London with a Adel-like voice with hoarse lingering and deep tones. 

This song is a Paradise to listen to, flamingo vibes. 

Check it out here


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