Picture of music duo Confetti throwing colorful plastic balls


In 2018, they started as a collective that then spiraled into an organic, thriving, and supportive community of like-minded misfits. The journey started with social commentary on their debut song “People Suck”, and then really caught their stride with a Fortnite/Nintendo sync placement for “Right Now”. 

In 2019, they entered into a partnership with CloudKid. CK x Confetti turned out to be a force to be reckoned with, as the singles “Ghost” and “Rob A Bank” reached new heights in late 2019 and early 2020. The CloudKid and Confetti relationship continued for three total EP’s over the coming years. 

Somewhere between 2020-2021, Conrad and Fetti made their debut album over zoom sessions, as well as grew their Discord, did some YouTube live circus variety shows, and did other eye-catching bits. 

In 2022, they continued their journey in their fresh blue and green skin, shedding the elephant character (Peanut is the elephant's name) and revealing their true identities as Conrad (blue) and Fetti (green). They played a few shows in Chicago and Los Angeles, released a few EPs, and took their craft to even greater heights. 

In 2023, they wrote a sophomore album (Act II: Circus Of The Sky), added a few new characters to the Confetti lore (Gizmo the robot!), filmed music videos, and began prepping for what will be a wild 2024. 

They’re in the middle of an album release, they’re announcing a European mini-tour that will take place in May 2024, they have more songs to be released in the Fall, and who knows what else is in store in between?

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