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Selected #16: Frank Ocean vibes and future super stars

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This week's featured artist is musically gifted multi-instrumentalist Julian Bell from LA, US.Artist Julian Bell side profile with orange backgroundTake a look at his Q&A on the 'Selected' highlight on our Instagram (

Artist Julian Bell in front of orange background with text "Translation" above his head

Julian Bell - Translation

This track is as if Frank Ocean was reborn on a sunny day with a shy smile on his face. The production feels like a sunny day - calm but intriguing in its clarity. Also - check out Bell's Instagram for some cool pictures!

Location: LA, US
Streams: 18,6K
Instagram: @julianbbell

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Artist Naliyah bending down in front of a red background that says "Show You Love"

Naliyah - Show Me Love

This debut track by Naliyah sure has a good the-day-after vibe to it! Imagine you're waking up late on a Saturday - making your toasts, boiling them eggs - tiredly diggin' to this swaying RnB/Soul track while coming to life.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 18,3K
Instagram: @naliy.ah

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Graphic of a dark blue door that is open

Modslee, Ariza - Don't Really Wanna Know

Need a new emotional pop track in your playlist? This qualitative tune will sure wonder who the guy with the amazing voice is - let us tell you - it's Modslee! The hard working Ariza is his companion both writing and production wise on this beautiful track.

Location: US
Streams: 31,8K
Instagram: @modslee@musicariza

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Four men posing with text "Tip Swizzy ft B2C NYWEZA" on top

Tip Swizzy - Nyweza

The reggaeton beat on this lovely track makes us move our hips in the kitchen, in the super market and in the shower. Wherever you are - this track will put a smile on your face!

Location: Uganda
Streams: 3,3K
Instagram: @deenojay

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Woman facing the right side with text "Ani Connor"

Ani Connor - Until Next Time

Her powerful, mature voice intertwined with the soft electric guitar makes this sad, yet hopeful, singer/songwriter track a magnificent soundtrack song - imagine it featured in a dark HBO series - wouldn't it fit perfectly?

Location: Sweden
Streams: 843
Instagram: @aniconnor

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Black background with text "Corona mixtape"

Oblxz - Apocalyptic Wine

The bumpy beat, smooth voices and catchy chorus makes this track totally addictive. Like a comfort in these inside sitting times, this song is like peppy anthem for us to endure.

Location: Jamaica, Sweden
Streams: 386
Instagram: @oblxz

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