Selected 13

Selected #13: Music from the Mediterranean all the way to the cold North

Amuse, Amuse

This week's feature artist is Scorcher from Northern London.

Let's get to know him a bit more!

What's the best thing about being an artist?
Creating music that I'm feeling for people to listen to.

Tell us about your new track '8+1'. What is it about?
Real life

Who's your biggest influence?
I don't really have any influences. I just create what I'm feeling and tell the stories from my own life.

A cracked screen with the text "8+1" and the artists name, "Scorcher"

Scorcher - 8+1

Explore the heaviness of British Grime by multi-talented rapper, Scorcher, with his newest track, ‘8+1’. Experience the dark and discreet side of London, through the intensity of the lyrics and the weight of the strong beat in this notorious track.

Location: UK
Streams: 199K
Instagram: @onlyscorch

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A stack of hundred dollar bills, angel wings, and a blue/purple background

Plasma 8003 - NO MONEY

Put a smile on your face with ‘NO MONEY’, a track by emerging Italian artist, Plasma 8003 ft Alfa, Olly (Prod. Joe Viegas). This uplifting single will be sure to transport you back to vacations in Europe, the distinct scent of sunblock, and memories of soaking up the warm rays amongst friends.

Location: Genova, IT
Streams: 74K
Instagram: @plasma8003

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A skull holding a yellow smiley face in front of its face with pink background

Long Story Short - Copycat

Brotherly pop-punk band formed of Swedish and Dutch members, Long Story Short, has released a surprising new track, ‘Copycat’. Prepare for your adrenaline levels to rise as though you’re about to fall into the mosh pit with this complex merge of punk and pop anarchy.

Location: Sweden & Netherlands
Streams: 8.8K
Instagram: @longstoryshortofficial

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An orange wall with a hole in it and a rocket ship launching into the sky in the hole

Tandem Wallace - Endeavour

Strangely 80s vibe yet also futuristic, Sweden based synth-pop artist, Tandem Wallace, will brighten the room with imaginary colours with their track, ‘Endeavour’. Disco, funk, electronic - this tune has it all.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 3.2K
Instagram: @tandemwallace

Go listen here!

Bird's eye view of a mountain with text "Herb Hazard" and "Place We Went"

Herb Hazard - Safe & Sound

Finland based musician, Herb Hazard, gives us a gentle push into dreamy synth waves and an emotional exploration with their track, ‘Safe & Sound’. Follow the electricity for a hazy journey through Hazard’s life experiences which have been translated into this calm tune.

Location: Finland
Streams: 500
Instagram: @herbhzrd

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A bronze heart with with graphics written on black background

M.i.d.n.a.t.t - GOLD

Rising Swedish artist, M.i.d.n.a.t.t, has released an intelligent and compelling track, ‘Gold’. This intense yet catchy tune carries an international roundness, with influences from all genres and definitely deserves to be saved on your playlist.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 690
Instagram: @m.i.d.n.a.t.t

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