Selected 14

Selected #14: From New Talent in Rap to Dreamy Indie Pop

Amuse, amuse

This week's featured artists are Swedish dream team duo, Marta and Erika from I Am Karate.

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I Am Karate - Freaky

Indie pop duo ‘I Am Karate’ will keep you dancing with their playful track ‘Freaky’, a relatable tune about the strange stages after a breakup. The Swedish dream team will lure you in with catchy lyrics and an electric beat, definitely one to keep your eye on.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 10K
Instagram: @iamkaratemusic

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Beave - All We Need

British DJ and producer, Beave, has released a compelling track ‘All We Need’. This intense tune will keep your heart pumping and feet moving all through the night. Explore the hyperness of his mixes and you’ll feel back at the club in no time.

Location: UK
Streams: 184K
Instagram: @beavedj

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Boorook (ft Paul Wright) - Callin You Callin Me

Take some time out to listen to ‘Callin You Callin Me’ by Aboriginal artist, Boorook. This low n’ slow track will be sure to send good energies your way. With heavy vocals and gentle melodies, this tune is no doubt a unique experience for all to enjoy.

Location: Australia
Streams: 15
Instagram: @boorook90

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Carlos Uzi - Error

The popular Dominican artist, Carlos Uzi, carries seductive spanish energy in his track ‘Error’. A perfect song to keep you company at any time of the day. With gentle vocals, this track is the ideal all-rounder for whatever mood you’re feeling.

Dominican Republic
Streams: 436K
Instagram: @carlosuzi

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TeeZandos - Hardest Bars Freestyle

UK based rapper, TeeZandos, performs an eclectic track for our good friends over at Hardest Bars. This young talent has made a name for themselves as a queen of drill, and a genius at mashin’ up intense bars and powerful lyrics.

Location: UK
Streams: 11k
Instagram: @teezandos

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‘Fall’, a soothing and emotional track by the US based artist UNKNXWN. Sink into the easy vocals and soft lyrics for a gentle start to your day. A perfect track for self-care and reflection.

Location: US
Streams: 152
Instagram: @therealunknxwn

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