7 Tools For Collaborating On Music Remotely

A guide for music artists who are collaborating on music remotely or from home. 

Written by Leni - May 14, 2020

Stuck inside thanks to Covid-19? #same 😑 But it doesn’t mean you have to stop making music and collaborating with other artists while in lockdown. 

We’ve wrapped up our seven favorite tools for collaborating on music remotely — from sharing tracks and files, to brainstorming melodies and broadcasting live performances across the world. 

Amuse Pro 

Signed up for our upgraded Amuse Pro tier yet? It’ll hook you up with a heap of new features to help you collaborate on music remotely, like automatic royalty splits, team accounts, multi artist profiles, quicker releases and VIP support. Amuse Pro users can also distribute their music to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. You can sign up here


JamKazam is a service that lets musicians play music with other artists from their own home. You can pre-record your performance by track, or broadcast the whole performance live. You can also use the platform as a collaborative rehearsal tool between bandmates, because audio registers way faster between computers than other programs like Google Hangouts or Zoom, so you can play together in almost real time. 


SoundStorming is a social music app that lets artists upload song ideas, melodies or lyrics in their app (instead of Voice Memos on your phone) and share it with a global community of musicians. Artists can weigh in, give feedback, or even collaborate on your idea. 

Pibox Music

Pibox Music is a file sharing tool built with remote music collaboration in mind, with features like live chat, screen-sharing, video calls, commenting and mix version history data. The service also lets you upload remixed audio files easily, instead of sending emails back and forth between artists. 


Soundtrap is the collaboration platform for making music online owned by our friends at Spotify. The DAW (digital audio workstation) can be accessed in any web browser or on mobile, and includes pre-recorded loops, multitrack recording, software instruments, voice recording, and the ability to connect MIDI devices. The essence of Soundtrap is to give easy-to-use, collaborative, music-making capabilities to anyone, anywhere. 

Avid Cloud Collaboration

For those that are already Pro Tools users, you can hook up to Avid’s collaborative tool that enables multiple artists to contribute to the same Pro Tools project remotely. All you need is Pro Tools and an internet connection. Avid Cloud Collaboration is perfect for engineers who are locked out of their studio but need to work on a single project. When you start a collab in Avid Cloud Collaboration, Pro Tools will automatically save your work and reopen it as a project in the cloud. The program also has a built-in chat feature that allows you to give feedback in real time. 

Ableton Link

In a band with your family members or roommates? Ableton Link is an epic tool for any bandmates who are stuck together during quarantine, which lets you play electronic instruments together. You don’t need MIDI or USB cables or connections, and you don’t even need to have Ableton Live to be able to join in on the jam session. Check this one out if you’re planning multi-instrument online performance, too. 

Got another favorite we’ve missed? Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram so we can add it to the list. We’re in this together ✌🏾


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