Tracklib & Amuse Makes Sampling Easy (And Legal)

We teamed up with Tracklib - the worlds first record store for sampling - to make sampling better and easier. 

Written by Sofia - June 11, 2020

Sampling is a big part of music making for a lot of producers and artists, but releasing music with samples from other songs can be complicated and expensive. Until now. Amuse is teaming up with sampling service Tracklib to make it possible for all our users to legally use samples in your music.

Licensing a sample usually means the original rightsholder gets a percentage of your royalty income, meaning there can be quite a lot of accounting involved. Enter - our Royalty Splits feature. It makes sharing royalties with all stakeholders of a release effortless. Just add Tracklib as a partner of the song, and everything else is handled automatically.

Tracklib is the world’s first and only record store for sampling. Their catalog of sample-friendly original music ranges as far back as the 1920’s, and in it you can find anything from Mozart to Isaac Hayes. And when you want to release a song with a Tracklib sample, you can license it in just a few clicks, for as little as $50.

Tracklib works for all artists, big and small. Some impressive names who cleared samples through Tracklib in the last year include J. Cole, Lil Wayne, BROCKHAMPTON, DJ Khaled, Mary J. Blige and many others.

Tracklib is giving all Amuse users the first 30 days and 15 songs to download. Sign up by clicking the button below.


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