How To Get Access To Spotifys Discovery Mode With Amuse

How to Get Access to Spotify's Discovery Mode with Amuse

Building and growing new audiences beyond your existing fanbase is tough but essential in taking your artist career to a new level. With our partnership with Spotify, eligible artists distributing through Amuse can now have access to Spotify's Discovery Mode, to get their music in front of potential fans who are in the mood to discover new music.

Written by, amuse

Discovery Mode is a new Spotify tool that helps you reach new listeners and grow your fanbase, with no upfront budget required. Discovery Mode also helps artists find new fans abroad – 58% of all first-time artist discoveries from tracks in Discovery Mode are from listeners outside of the artist’s home country. Additionally, on average, tracks in Discovery Mode are streamed in 100 markets during the campaign period. 

Until now, Discovery Mode has been available in Spotify for Artists for eligible artists teams in select markets. Over the next few months, Spotify is planning to expand access to eligible artist teams in additional markets. 

Who is eligible for Discovery Mode?

To be eligible for Discovery Mode, your artist team needs to meet all of the following requirements: 

  • You have an active Spotify for Artists team that’s registered in Australia, India, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, or the United States. Learn how to set your team's billing country

  • You have at least 3 tracks that meet the track eligibility criteria below

  • You have at least 25,000 monthly listeners. We’ve found that Discovery Mode works best with an audience of this size or above

Additionally the track needs to be distributed through Amuse (regardless of Boost or Pro), so if you don't have an account with Amuse already, create an account here

The track also needs to have been released on Spotify for at least 30 days and been streamed in Radio or Autoplay in the last 7 days. Read about the full requirements here

How do I know if I'm eligible for Discovery Mode?

If you meet all the requirements above, and have been granted access to Discovery Mode, you will see a Discovery Mode section in your Campaigns tab in Spotify for Artists. 

Additionally, if you’d like to express your interest to Spotify in gaining access to this new tool, you can complete this form. Please ensure that you have accurately entered your Spotify Artist URI in the form, otherwise Spotify will not be able to process your form submission. To find your Spotify Artist URI, follow the instructions here. While Spotify cannot guarantee access at this time, they will reach out with more info should you be provided access.

How much does Discovery Mode cost?

You do not need any budget to opt use Discovery Mode, but a 30% commission will be applied by Spotify to recording royalties generated from all streams of selected songs in Discovery Mode - Spotify Radio and Autoplay. All other streams of selected songs outside of Spotify Radio and Autoplay will be commission-free.

Learn all about how Discovery Mode works from Spotify here