How To Upload To Apple Music

How to Upload Your Music to Apple Music

Add your music to Apple Music by uploading through Amuse and start earning money from your music.

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1. Release your music with a music distributor

It’s no longer possible for you to directly upload your music to Apple Music. To get your music out into the world, you’ll need to go through a music distributor like Amuse, which handles the uploading process for you. Start your upload here. home screen2. Amuse will upload your track to Apple Music

Once you’ve clicked that upload button, Amuse will send your songs to Apple Music and other major streaming stores. Now it’s up to you to spread the word about your new release. Promote it on your socials and let your fans know that your release is live! 

Here are some of our best tips on promoting your music.

Now that you know how to get your music on Apple Music, let’s break down some other questions you may have.

If you have more questions about getting your music out into the world, check out our Support FAQ page or our blog for educational tips to level up your music career.