How To Fast Track Your Spotify for Artists Verification

Skip the line for claiming and verifying your artist profile on Spotify, with our new Instant Access feature.

Written by Leni - January 25, 2021

Big news, fam. We’ve just added an easy way for artists to get verified on Spotify — directly from the Amuse app! 

Our new Spotify for Artists integration means all Amuse users (new and existing) who have not already verified their Spotify for Artists profile can do it instantly via our app. 

Basically, we’ve hooked up immediate verification and a fast track to Spotify for Artists, meaning you can now claim and verify your artist profile in just a few taps

This new feature is open to all Amuse users, you just need at least one release live on Spotify via our music distribution service — this means that first-time Amuse users need to distribute at least one release to Spotify (and wait for the release date) before they can verify their profile with the new Instant Access feature. 

Spotify for Artists is designed to help artists and their teams get the most out of Spotify, with verified artists getting access to more features like analytics, team management, and personalisation. 

Verified artist pages get a blue tick verification badge and personalisation options (like bio, social media links and images), access to real-time analytics, the ability to pitch upcoming music to the Spotify Editorial team, and a direct channel to Spotify’s support team for feedback and questions.

Ready to get verified? Follow this easy step-by-step guide below.

1. Sign up to Amuse here and create your Artist Profile

2. If you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to create a new release

3. When your release is approved by our content team, we’ll deliver it to Spotify and all the other major music streaming platforms you want 

4. If you already have a song on Spotify via Amuse, you can skip creating a new release, and directly hit up the ‘Artist’ page in the Amuse app 

5. Click the button to connect 

6. Sign up or log in to your Spotify user account

7. You’ll be redirected to Spotify for Artists, fill in your information there 

8. After submitting your details, you’ll be granted access and redirected to your Artist Page

Boom, you’re officially verified!  Haven't joined Amuse yet? Sign up for our free music distribution service here.


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