Music Artists Guide To Youtube Content Id

How YouTube Content ID Monetization Works

Learn how YouTube Content ID works and start earning money every time your song is played.

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At Amuse we strive to help independent artists distribute their music and get paid 100% of their earnings, and a big part of that is protecting ownership. YouTube Content ID is a system that helps music artists protect their music ownership on the platform, and earn money every time their song is used in a monetized video. 

Available by request to Boost and Pro users, all original music is eligible for YouTube Content ID, meaning you can get paid in the same way you get paid royalties from your music being played on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

What is YouTube Content ID?

YouTube’s Content ID is basically a digital fingerprinting system that music artists and labels can use to easily identify and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube. If someone makes a video using your track, you can earn royalties on it. The system also helps make sure that your works aren’t being illegally shared and monetized by others.

How does YouTube Content ID monetization work? 

If you distribute your music with amuse using our Boost or Pro plan, you just upload your music and select YouTube Content ID as a store, then we upload your music to us and then we upload it to the YouTube Content ID system. Then, your song is compared against audio and video files that have been uploaded by users all around the world. If a match is found, we will start to monetize that video for you and ensure that you’re earning royalties on your creative work. 

What music is eligible for YouTube Content ID?

Only original music is eligible for YouTube Content ID, meaning samples or any other elements that are deemed a copyright infringement on YouTube’s policy, will be denied by YouTube Content ID. If your music contains samples that aren’t cleared or a sample or piece of the song that has been used by someone else and uploaded by another distributor or record label, you will not be able to monetize it. 

How are my YouTube royalties paid? 

Just like your normal streaming platform payouts, YouTube royalties show up in the amuse app and you can withdraw them at any time. For Pro users, this service is available for free. For Boost users, there’s a 15% fee for Content ID royalties.

 Learn more about amuse royalties and payouts here.

What if one of my songs is claimed by amuse or someone else? 

This might happen for a couple of reasons. First, if you produced your track, uploaded it to amuse, and then amuse uploaded it to YouTube’s Content ID system, it would match your channel.

Second, if your song contains samples that aren’t cleared or a sample or piece of the song that has been used by someone else and uploaded to YouTube by another distributor or record label. 

We recommend that you only upload to YouTube’s Content ID if:

  • Your music is 100% owned by you

  • Doesn’t have any third-party samples or uncleared samples

  • It doesn’t contain any public domain material

  • Doesn’t contain any hate speech and/or public history speeches

Can I remove Content ID from my release?

Since Content ID helps you monetize your music on YouTube, we recommend keeping it on your release. If you remove Content ID from your release, you won’t get any more claims and your music won’t be protected and monetized on YouTube anymore. If you’re sure you want to remove it, please submit a request and we’ll help you out. 

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