Selected 15

Selected #15: Shoe gaze, 1-minute intro’s and hypnotizing harmonies

Amuse, Amuse

This week's featured artist is shoe gaze genius Ioana Iorgu from The Netherlands.

Black and white headshot of musician Ioana IorguTake a look at her Q&A on the 'Selected' highlight on our Instagram (

Ioana Iorgu - BLOOM

Wanna take a break from reality? This instrumental tune is like a lil shoe gaze sun coming up, welcoming you to be a part of its warmth and hopefulness. Ioana Iorgu sure knows how to create a magical atmosphere with that guitar of her's.

Location: The Netherlands
Streams: 124
Instagram: @ioana.irg

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Mustard color background with image of a blue car and the text "The Hatchbacks" and "Into the Night"

The Hatchbacks - Into the night

Do not despair! The intro is one minute long - we know - but when the chilled rock voice comes in at 1:08 it sure will be worth the wait. This track is perfect for a day in the sun - picnic with friends - all bubbling with a smooth party vibe inside!

Location: Canada
Streams: 950
Instagram: @the.hatchbacks

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Two hands cupped and a rose on one of the hands pinky finger

Chamoon - home

This soft, warm track by mystical Chamoon reminds us of the feeling when you lay in the sun and your whole body gets covered by the heat - a calmness slowly starts swimming around inside. With its beautiful lyrics, playful synths and hypnotizing harmonies - it makes a true gem.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 1,4K
Instagram: @__chamoon

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Graphic of two men with text "Deeno Jay x Alieu Melody" and "Orborti"

Deeno Jay x Alieu Melody - ORBORTI

This track will sure make you move those hips of yours! Its bumpy, dancing beat as well as the soft voices singing together makes ORBORTI a great soundtrack for the summer of 2020.

Location: Sierra Leone
Streams: 30
Instagram: @deenojay

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Beige background with red paint smudge

Moss - Me And Usually You

This mystic band - more or less impossible to find online - sure got us wondering who they are. Their music feel like something from an 80's Hollywood movie - but this dreamy, groovy track was released in 2019 - believe it or not!

Location: Sweden
Streams: 780
Instagram: Unknown

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A time table board with different words and locations on it

Jaja - One Love

Need some energy this beautiful Saturday night? 'One Love' works like an adrenaline injection - perfect at the gym, on a sweaty dance floor somewhere or simply at your stay-at-home-party this weekend!

Location: US
Streams: 152
Instagram: @jajamusics

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