Selected 20 Smooth Rb To House Party Remedies

Selected #20: Smooth R&B to House Party Remedies


This week's featured artist is Chi Virgo. We fell in love with her addictive track 'Bye Bye', a real hidden gem. Check them out below!

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Chi Virgo - Bye Bye

If you're looking to update your playlists, then look no further. Chi Virgo's track 'Bye Bye' is an effortlessly smooth track, intertwined with soul and R&B vibes. This young artist is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Location: UK
Streams: 2K
Instagram: @chivirgo

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KALM - Bad Habits

We've all been missing the dance floor, this track by KALM brings us right back into the club energy and staying up into the early hours of the morning. A must-add track to switch up your weekend.

Location: UK
Streams: 380K
Instagram: @thisiskalm

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Troop Brand Ft. Kota the friend - Cherry Trees

Troop Brand is not only a cool guy that you'd want to hang out with but also super talented. Channeling Childish Gambino/Anderson Pack vibes, his track 'Cherry Trees' is a sweet, playful mix, perfect for carefree summer days.

Location: US
Streams: 490K
Facebook: @troopbrand

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Martin Masarov - mig, Mig, MIG!

mig, Mig, MIG! is a gloriously loud single, showing the best of Swedish-rap. Martin Masarov plays carefully with strong beats, bars and heavy lyrics to produce this eclectic track.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 4K
Instagram: @martinmasarov

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Tom Ashbrook - Too Soon

This gentle track by Tom Ashbrook shouldn't go unnoticed, it carries thoughtful piano playing, and almost makes you fall into your favourite black and white film. Slow, careful and poetically produced.

Location: UK
Streams: 1,6M
Instagram: @tomashbrookmusic

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Quentin Miller - Stuck Up.

This weighty track by Quentin Miller is lyrically original, fuelled by aggressive bars and tough beats. Even so, there's a cool calmness in his voice that brings out a more poetic side in rap that often goes unappreciated.

Location: US
Streams: 82K
Instagram: @quentinmiller__

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