Selected 22 From Powerful Vocals To Playful Instrumentals

Selected #22: From Powerful Vocals To Playful Instrumentals


This week's featured artist is Blue W3rd. One of the winners for the REC Philly X Amuse Partnerships, Philadelphia-based, Blue W3rd's sounds are original, political and often played along with a strong beat.

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Blue W3rd - W3rd To

'W3rd To' is a clever blend of intellectual lyrics, mixed in with political attributes and a hard beat. Part of the REC Philly x Amuse Winners, Blue W3rd is one to watch as an emerging artist in the rap game.

Location: US
Streams: 55
Instagram: @_bluew3rd

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Ney Liqa Ft. Whattodo - LIE

This upbeat pop song by Sweden-based Ney Liqa is a dreamy addition to add to your playlists. With catchy lyrics and and an 80s vibe, this track will surely get you in a great mood in no time.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 5.5K
Instagram: @ney.liqor

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Asha Elia Ft. Sharyn - Dreams

UK-based Asha Elia carries a beautiful full voice along with complimentary upbeat sounds. Her music is titled under 'UK Christian Rap' and certainly stands out within this genre.

Location: UK
Streams: 30K
Facebook: @ashaelia

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Travi The Native - Heavy Love

Soft boy in nature and in their music, Travi the Native's track 'Heavy Love' is a tuneful melodic song intertwined with feelings of heartbreak and catchy lyrics.

Location: UK
Streams: 8K
Instagram: @travithenative

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Naomi Lien - Don't Need None

Sweden-based Naomi Lien has created this punchy, powerful pop track with intense lyrical melodies and a hard beat - definitely one to blast on high volume if you need to let out some steam!

Location: Sweden
Streams: 5K
Instagram: @naomilien

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Joe - Prismatica

The mysterious artist Joe has created this funky tune ready to kickstart your week ahead. With playful instrumentals and bluesy influence - this bop is a fun new addition to add to your playlists.

Location: Canada
Streams: 7K
Instagram: @_xxot5xx_

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