Selected 24 New Summer Bops You Need

Selected #24: New Summer Bops You Need 🌈🌻

July 5, 2020, amuse

This week's featured artist is Aaron London. The UK based artist came through with your new favourite summer anthems. With upbeat instrumentals and a relaxed energy, his music will chill you out in no time.

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Aaron London - Life Don't Stress Me

This easy breezy track from UK based artist Aaron London will lift your spirits and get you in the mood for a great summer ahead. 'Life Don't Stress Me' might sound like a far away idea but it'll take you back to simpler times.

Location: UK
Streams: 72K
Instagram: @aaronlondon_

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Ashes to Amber - IRIS

'Iris' is a catchy tune by US band Ashes to Amber. The summery anthem is filled with a joyful beat and colourful vibes. A must add to your playlists.

Location: US
Streams: 1.5M
Instagram: @ashestoamber

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Roshambo - Lämna Livet I Sängen

This rock flavoured track by Swedish band Roshambo shouldn't go underestimated, bringing cool vibes and an addictive beat to your ears.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 2
Instagram: @roshambofficial

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Hinkfuss - Standing Nowhere

Italian artist Hinkfuss hasn't disappointed with his newest album 'The Glasgow Effect'. His track 'Standing Nowhere' carries mellow vibes and YA movie energies.

Location: Italy
Streams: 80
Instagram: @_hinkfuss_

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Rebecca & Fiona - People Getting Mad

Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona have created a masterpiece of an album. Their track 'People Getting Mad' is a mood in itself - listen today!

Location: Sweden
Streams: 150K
Instagram: @rebeccafiona

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Wander Marchal - Home With You

New York based singer-songwriter Wander Marchal will impress with her effortless yet wide range of vocals and poetic lyrics, for lazy sundays!

Location: US
Streams: 18K
Instagram: @wandermarchal

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