Selected 25 Fresh Tracks From Ireland To New Zealand

Selected #25: Fresh tracks from Ireland to New ZealandđŸ”„

July 12 2020, amuse

This week's featured artist is Lune. Swedish singer, lyricist, and dancer Linnéa Martinsson, or otherwise known by her brainchild Lune has been making well-deserved space for herself in the pop sphere. Her track 'Where Do Love Go' is acrobatic collection of vocals and melodic lyrics.Woman in a blue light with her hands on her head

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White background with the text "Where Do Love Lune Go"Lune - Where Do Love Go

'Where Do Love Go' isn't just your regular catchy pop song, but carries Robyn vibes with easy melodies. Invented by singer, dancer and all round creator, Lune - she is one to watch in the pop game.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 20K
Instagram: @luneworld

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Yellow background with text "Blue American Cathy I Dont Listen To The News!"Blue Americans - Cathy, I Don't Listen To The News!

Belfast-based boy band 'Blue Americans' have released their newest adventure back in May; 'Cathy, I Don't Listen To The News'. This energetic track with romantic lyrics will carry you through the week ahead.

Location: Ireland
Streams: 3,5K
Instagram: @blueamericans

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Black background with a faded circle and text that says "HYE" listing numbers 1-7HYE - Medicine

'Medicine' is an addictive pop track created by Swedish artist David Lillberg, part of his experimental project HYE. With mellow vibes, and energetic instrumentals - this track shouldn't be underestimated.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 18K
Instagram: @hyeasiam

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Black background with with a cutout picture of a man looking up at the sky with the text "It's You" and "Presented by Boy Virgo"Boy Virgo - It's You

New Zealand based artist Boy Virgo is back with fresh new track 'It's You' to kickstart your weekends. With memorable beats and lyrics this is a must add to your playlists!

Location: New Zealand
Streams: 1K
Instagram: @boyvirgooo

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Zero The Kidd - Struggle

Atlanta based artist Zero The Kidd is one to watch, bringing out 'Struggle', a powerful new track full of potential and heavy in emotions.

Location: US
Streams: 150K
Instagram: @zerothekidd

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A woman looking to her right side with text "Fayye She"Fayye - She

'She' is the whimsical new track by UK based artist Fayye. With vocals to melt into and a soothing energy, this track is summer dream.

Location: UK
Streams: 300
Instagram: @fayye_music

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