Selected 28 Dreamy Road Trip Tracks To Latin Pop

Selected #28: Dreamy Road trip Tracks to Latin Pop

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This week's featured artist is LA-based band Magic Wands. Formed of dream team duo Chris and Dexy Valentine - their music will be sure to carry you to otherworldly places.

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Pixelated background of a moon and mountain with the text "Honeymoon"

Magic Wands - Honeymoon

LA-based dreampop band Magic Wands have created a lovewave track called Honeymoon. Light, romantic but with a very edgy vibe - perfect for those summer road trips.

Location: US
Streams: 9K
Instagram: @magic_wands

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Green backgrounds with three orange circles, and text that says, "Free Mind"

Kimchii - Free Mind

'Free Mind' by Swedish producer Kimchii is a dance tune made from heaven. This summer bop is literally perfect for anytime of day, it'll get you in a good mood in no time.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 24K
Instagram: @kimchiimusic

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Neon light of lips with the tongue out and text that says, "MMM"

Alejandro Gonza - MMM

Columbian artist Alejandro Gonza has produced this legendary latin pop track 'MMM', a seductive, addictive track for those wild nights.

Location: Columbia
Streams: 311K
Instagram: @alejogonzalez

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Overview of a city sunset and the text, "Noah Terefe"

Ark - Stand By Me

Standbyme is the gloriously chill track by emerging UK artist Ark. The track is both romantic and light, but hella modern. With vocals that you just wanna melt into.

Location: UK
Streams: 600
Instagram: @noah_terefe

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Julia Alfrida - Oh God (remix)

Oh God is a track by upcoming Swedish artist and all-rounder Julia Alfrida. The song is sudden and unapologetically loud. A pop song with hints of dark undertones.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 290
Instagram: @julialfrida

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Black background with text "GET UP WE THE PEOPLE" and an American flag in the right corner

We The People - Get Up

Another powerful and honest Black Lives Matter track created by community music group We The People. Heavy in the lyrics, but another reminder to continue fighting for what's right.

Location: US
Streams: 100

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