Selected 29 Canadian Hip Hop To Swedish Pop

Selected #29: Canadian Hip Hop to Swedish pop

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This week's featured artist is Northern Ireland based artist Daniel August. Influenced heavily by all the places he's lived, from Miami to Ireland to Jamaica, August blends all these sounds he's picked up along the way into smooth addictive tracks

Northern Ireland based artist Daniel August

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Daniel August single cover "Basic"

Daniel August - Basic

'Basic' is the bop you've been needing. Created by Northern Ireland based artist Daniel August, this smooth track will get you pumped in no time.

Location: Northern Ireland
Streams: 100
Instagram: @iamdanielaugust

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A baby staring at the camera with text "TVPEB Grace Mckenzi"

Grace Mckenzi - Amour Moderne 2

'Amour Moderne 2' by Canadian artist Grace Mckenzi is a playful yet intense french hip hop track. You might have no clue what he's saying but you just get know?

Location: Canada
Streams: 100
Instagram: @gracemckenzii

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Daniel Adams-ray, Miriam Bryant - Avundsjuk på regnet

'Avundsjuk på regnet' is a collaboration between two established Swedish artists, Daniel Adams-ray and Miriam Bryant. Translating to 'Jealous Of The Rain', the track is mellow, gentle yet with intense vocals.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 250K
Instagram: @danieladamsray

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Sofia Vivere - What's Best For Me

Sofia Vivere is an up and coming Swedish pop star. Channeling Zara Larsson energy, empowering lyrics, and vocals for days in her newest track 'What's Best For Me'.

Location: Sweden
Streams: 260
Instagram: @sofiavivere

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$moke - 3am

$moke is the mysterious artist you've been needing to add to your playlists. His track 3am is easy, mellow yet carries major potential.

Location: US
Streams: 98K
Instagram: @mynameissmokebutthatshittaken

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Tropical background with text "VHS Dreams Trans AM"

VHS Dreams - Nightdrive

Nightdrive is a new track from UK cyborg artist 'VHS Dreams'. The instrumental track transports you to a 70s movie, filled with early psychedelic sounds.

Location: UK
Streams: 750K
Instagram: @vhsdreamsofficials

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