Selected By Amuse

What Is "Selected by Amuse đź’›"?

And how do I get featured in the playlist?

Amuse, Amuse

“Selected by Amuse ” is our Spotify playlist that we update weekly where we highlight tracks made by you, distributed through us. Any artist (who distributes through Amuse) has the chance to be featured — no matter what kind of genre and how known or unknown the artist is. We try to vary our picks as much as we can, to be able to showcase all of the amazing different kinds of music that Amuse artists release.

For the five we pick every week, we add the track to our Spotify playlist and post a shout-out on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If we find your artist account on social media, we’ll always make sure to tag you in the post as well.

Submitting your release is simple, just check out the steps below under our playlist preview! To higher the odds of getting picked – tag us whenever you post your music. If you get picked and want to higher the odds of getting picked again – make sure to like, comment, and share it.

Want to be featured?

  1. Follow us on Instagram.

  2. Follow our Playlists, "Selected by Amuse ".

  3. Submit your music to us here

  4. Your song needs to be released through amuse to be considered. We love listening to them all!