Spotify Now Lets You Mute Artists

Spotify has rolled out a new feature that lets users block music from specific artists.

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Spotify has rolled out a new feature that lets users block specific artists from showing up in playlists, charts, radio or your personal library.

Following Spotify’s “Hateful Conduct” policy that was introduced last year (which pulled artists like XXXTentacion and R. Kelly from playlists), the music streaming platform has released the mute feature to increase abilities for its users.

Currently available on the latest version of the Spotify iOs mobile app, users can switch the feature on and off in the menu bar of each artist’s page. Using the tool is simple, just hit the “...” button and turn the “Don’t play this artist” button on. Once selected, you’ll never hear a song from that artist again.

While the feature blocks songs from muted artists from being played, the function may not be able to track when an artist is featured on someone else's song. For example, if a muted artist contributes a guest feature to a track and isn’t credited as a primary artist, it may still be played.

No word yet from Spotify as to when the feature will be rolled out across its desktop platform and web app.


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