Spotlight Atm

Spotlight: ATM

After a past of writing songs and producing with global artists such as Alessia Cara (US), Sigrid (NO), Rebecca & Fiona (SE), and Killian & Jo (DE) – Henrik Jonzon and Per Eklund recently started a brand new project together called ATM.

Amuse, amuse

Hey ATM! What’s up? Tell us a little bit about yourselves!

- All is well, thank you! We're just two Swedish songwriters and producers who are super excited about our first release - "One Touch"!

You’ve been working as musicians, songwriters and producers for some time now. How does it feel to start a brand new project together? 

- We’re psyched. We feel free somehow, surprisingly kind of like being teenagers again. With this project it’s all about the music and positive vibes, we’ve decided to stay away from all the nasty politics this biz has to offer, as much as we can at least. We’re here to have fun!

Tell us about "One Touch".

- It’s about those electric moments when you meet someone, that chemistry and spark that no one can explain, and no one can deny. It’s about giving in to that feeling, not overthinking it, and simply going for it.

What are your plans for the summer?

- Nothing crazy. We’ll keep writing new music for sure, but hopefully also enjoy some lazy days in the sun. BBQs, skateboarding, sleeping, the occasional drumming, swimming, chilling with our wives and homies. Fiesta forever.

What does the perfect summer soundtrack consist of?

- Impossible to say. Feels like the location and what you’re currently drinking dictate the perfect summer soundtrack. Last summer ‘Margaritaville’ was on repeat, so this year maybe ‘Gin And Juice’?

What does your songwriting and production process look like?

- With ATM, we either start messing around with some chords or a beat until it sparks something, or we come up with a topline idea, a title, or something, and then start vibing off of that. Nothing crazy, I wish we had something more exciting to tell you about our process.

You guys met on a tour. What’s your best life hack for when you’re on the road? 

- Just leave the outside world behind and embrace that temporary little bubble you are in. You’ll miss it when it bursts.

What would you do if you didn’t pursue music?

- Be a cop maybe? Journalist? Something in the skateboard industry? Work with shoes or clothing perhaps? Well, it’s probably too late now. Next stop welfare!

What can we look forward to in the near ATM future?

– We’re currently finishing up our follow-up single ‘Stay’, that’ll be out in August. We’ve also been thinking about doing some DJ sets and maybe playing some live shows… We’ll see what happens. Boom!

Listen to ATM here.

Group ATM with ATM sign in background