Spotlight Frankk

Spotlight: FrankK

Artist and songwriter FrankK just released her debut single ‘Ferrara’ – together with the producer Bacall. Combining her playful melodies and spot-on lyrics with Bacall’s house influences – ‘Ferrara’ is a funky tune inspired by ’90s and ’70s pop.

Amuse, amuse

Hey FrankK! What’s up?

– Oh, gosh. All kinds of stuff!

Tell us about your debut single!

– ‘Ferrara’ is about valuing expensive stuff over everything else. It’s about looking a certain way and acting a certain way, in order to be accepted. And then bragging about it. A bit like “I’m better than you” ha… Then one day you wake up from this fake world and realize that “oh no it’s too late, he was in love with me and I was to blind to see.”

What does your songwriting process look like?

– It’s different for every song I write but I always start out by focusing on the melody, structure, and feeling. Then I focus on the lyrics. I’m very picky, I’m not satisfied until everything sounds “as it should”. I want it to be rhythmic, melodic, and interesting and I also want the lyrics to be something that makes sense in a few sentences. I want every part of the song to be something worth longing for.

What does the perfect summer soundtrack consist of?

– Summer vibes.

Where do you find inspiration?

– I find most of my inspiration from the words that I have in my notes. They always consist of a theme. The feeling I get from the track can also 

be an inspiration – one word and you’re good to go. For example, I was broke AF when I wrote Ferrara, and it’s all about luxury. That’s also a kind of inspiration.

What’s your best advice to other up-and-coming artists?

– Don’t take everything so seriously. There are no rules in making music.

Why did you choose to work with Amuse?

– Amuse feels like 2018, not 2005.

What’s your favorite line you’ve ever written?

– That’s a hard one, I’m a nerd! Let’s just take Ferrara: “I never wear a Gucci copy, all I fake is the truth”. That’s kind of funny.

What is one song that you wish that you had written?

– Right now: Ariana Grande – No tears left to cry.

What can we look forward to in the future of FrankK?

– I’ll release three more singles after this summer and hopefully I’ll find someone for a collaboration. Also, some gigs. Wiho!

Listen to FrankK here.

Snapshot of duo FranKK with yellow and red background