Spotlight Plasi

Spotlight: Plàsi

Swedish singer-songwriter with Greek roots aims to share his creations in an intimate and unpolished way.

Amuse, amuse

Tell us a little bit about who you are and about your upcoming album.

- I'm a Swedish singer-songwriter with Greek roots who tries to share creations in an intimate and unpolished way. My upcoming album ‘People’ is being released piece by piece with every song having its own purpose. I always try to put a lot of weight on the lyrics, with reflections on humanity, relationships, and feelings.

How did your music career begin?

- When I least expected it. After leaving songwriting to do something completely different for a while, I felt that something substantial was missing in my life. Finally, I went to buy a new guitar and got songwriting back into my life again. Since I was doing something else than writing music during the daytime, I had so much creativity left in the evenings. So the song ideas started appearing naturally during this time, which made me release my first single ‘Who Are We’ in 2016. The main purpose was to fill my need of ‘coming out’ with my creative side again, but it ended up being the start of my music career!

What inspires you?

- I'm reflecting on that a lot, and what always comes back as the main source of inspiration is the contrasts in life. No matter if it’s a new love story or the inequalities I see around us, the emotional contrast in these situations is what drives me to write a song about it. Regarding composing and producing, I’m inspired by acts such as Passenger, José González, Dotan, and Kings of Convenience, to make the list short. Singer-songwriters in the acoustic folk genre aren’t afraid of staying close to the listener with both their sound and lyrics.

What does your songwriting and production process look like? 

- Songwriting-wise my ideas often come quickly, but then it can take a while until the next one pops up. For me, It’s about capturing the moment rather than trying to find it. I never write a song because I have to, but I rather try and listen to my feelings when I need to. 

Production-wise I started off working with limited resources, which ended up being something my listeners appreciated. It works for my kind of music where people want to come close, and it also makes me more creative with the few instruments I use.

Why did you choose to work with Amuse?

- You can make it quite far today as a completely independent artist, but at a certain point, you gain a lot from having a partner on your side promoting your music. After trying Amuse’s brilliant service I got offered a fair licensing deal where I felt that they could take it to the next level while letting me keep 100% control over my own creative processes. Another important reason why I chose to specifically work with Amuse was the fact that they are a start-up that tries to shake up the music industry. I think that’s needed in an environment that is driven by creative individuals but until now mainly has been ruled by a few big players.

What’s your best advice to new, up-and-coming artists?

- Engage with your listeners and followers. As a new artist in today’s competitive digital environment you have to be proactive with your listeners both online and offline. Some artists disappear directly after a concert or never reply to private messages on social media. I believe in the opposite. Many fans would appreciate being a part of your success rather than just observing it!

What are your goals for this year?

- After two years of a more or less digital music career, my goal is to come out and play more live after my album is fully released. There is no feeling that beats the kicks I get from standing on a stage and playing my own songs, and I’m really looking forward to getting more of them!

Singer Plàsi in front of city skyline