Spotlight Shaun Ross

Spotlight: Shaun Ross

My summer soundtrack has tons of Sade, Sunni Colon, Amber Mark, Charlotte Day Wilson, Joi, Erykah Badu, Brandon Banks, Adonis Bosso and so much more.

Amuse, amuse

Hi Shaun Ross! What’s up? How has the summer treated you so far?

– Summer is always weird because I get sunburned, so I try my hardest to keep out of the sun. It’s been good overall in many ways and has also allowed me to grow another year.

What does your ultimate summer soundtrack sound like?

– My summer soundtrack has tons of Sade, Sunni Colon, Amber Mark, Charlotte Day Wilson, Joi, Erykah Badu, Brandon Banks, Adonis Bosso and so much more.

You’re well known for gracing the runways, campaigns, and magazines for brands such as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and VOGUE. How did it feel moving from fashion to music?

– Music has always been a part of my life as much as I hope it’s been a part of yours. It helps us express feelings that we cannot put into words sometimes. Fashion has been good to me for so long but I started to feel uninspired. I wanted to learn something new all over again – why not music?

What are the biggest differences and similarities between the two industries?

– They are very similar in many ways because you are always performing for someone and it becomes your choice to seek their approval. I don’t really care. The difference with music is that you get to be more creative than you would expect to be, which allows you to give people who support you something tangible.

Tell us about your new single ‘Chrysalis’!

– I started ‘Chrysalis’ around this time last year. Before I put out my first single, ‘Symmetry’, (written by Rush Davis and produced by Brook D’Leau) I entered the incubation period of my music career, finding sounds and seeing how I resonate with them. We developed a way of writing music, but one day we took a different approach. I just went into the booth and started to sing with the influence of Sade’s softness.

These first words come out, “Shed. Shed at the root”. Immediately, Rush developed the concept. However, it was not from the music aspect, but because we are close friends. He’s witnessed some of my most transformative times. He’s seen enough to see the song already written from truth. Brook D’Leau, the magician, of course, accompanied this whole entire situation with his ear of impeccable cadences, that weave through your imagination.

What’s the message behind your music?

– It’s my experiences as a child and what I’ve had to deal with from being a gay man, having albinism, to simply being African American. These are three things I’ve always dealt with in all kinds of ways from my environment down to relationships. I want to be as candid as can be in hopes that others can understand.

What did you listen to growing up?

– My parents always played music all day long from Donny Hathaway, Sade, The Cardigans, Bjork to Stevie Wonder, Everything But The Girl, and more.

Where do you find inspiration?

– I find inspiration in insecurity. I sometimes find myself in an insecure place, almost as if I don’t know where I’m going or where I’m walking. There is a bittersweet feeling about this that I love. I’m vulnerable.

If you could give some advice yourself ten years ago – what would you say?

– Bitch keep going, you are beautiful and you will move mountains.

How will you celebrate the new single release?

– In my house around friends, most likely trashed somewhere, haha.

What can we look forward to in the future of Shaun Ross?

– More music, more barriers being broken, and most definitely more style. It’s only the beginning.

Model Shaun Ross holding flowers