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Submit Your Track: Amuse x Ryan Celsius Spotify Playlists

Amuse is excited to collaborate with Ryan Celsius on our new LoFi Spotify playlists.

Amuse, amuse

Are you an independent LoFi producer? We’ve teamed up with YouTube phenomenon Ryan Celsius for our new HIGH AT WORK, SAD TRAP, DARK TRAP AND LO_FI & CHILL Spotify playlists, giving independent artists the opportunity to showcase their music, get it heard by one of the world’s most engaged LoFi communities and grow their fanbase.

For those who aren’t already part of his loyal LoFi community (over three million views per month), Ryan Celsius is an underground music curator who runs his own suite of LoFi hip-hop channels. With over 800 published videos and 50 million streams, his popular live stream runs 24/7 on his Channel RyanCelsius° Sounds and is dedicated to supporting new music from the independent LoFi community.  

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“The HIGH AT WORK playlist includes a lot of smooth, lofi hip hop and phonk inspired by  southern hip-hop which I think is ideal for the work day. You won’t be put to sleep, but you’ll be able to bop your head and relax,” says Ryan. 

“I try to look at a track and see if the artist brings something unique to its genre. There are some producers who are incredibly creative and can take something that already exists and just do it in a better way. I look for artists who have a mastery of the production tools they’re using, because that means they’re a master of instrumentation and that’s what I really look for. I also like artists who experiment with different genres and push the boundaries of what their sound is.” 

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The Sad Trap playlist


The SAD TRAP playlist is an emotional combination of sad melodies infused with soul to help get you through those hard times. With total melancholy vibes coming from a range of genres like trap, lofi hip hop, indie and alternative, this playlist is for producers who want to pull on the heartstrings of their listeners. 

“For this playlist I am looking for tracks that can capture deep emotion as well as keep your head nodding. Producers and artists that can really express pain, sadness, or invoke feelings of deep nostalgia in new and experimental ways are the foundation of this playlist,” says Ryan.

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The Dark Trap Playlist


The DARK TRAP playlist is where you’ll find dark, gritty, underground shadow rap and Memphis phonk married with sinister beats and melodies to get you pumped (or drive you insane). Pick your poison and enter the Dark Trap rabbit hole with caution. 

“For this playlist I am looking for producers and artists that bring intensity and energy to their music with bass-drenched vibes across a few different genres with a heavy focus on dark themes. From underground trap bangers to experimental horrorcore sounds,” says Ryan. 

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The Lo-fi and Chill playlist


The LO-FI & CHILL by Ryan Celsius playlist is the perfect playlist to chill, study or selfcare, with dreamy, atmospheric and ambient beats to relax to. This is the playlist for producers who want to bring ultimate chill vibes, with simmering downtempo pours, nocturnal synths and smooth vocal samples. A laid back collection of chill tracks displaying the best music from artists large and small. 

“For this playlist, I am looking for artists who can capture a relaxing wave while also creating something new and interesting with their unique sound,” says Ryan. 

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