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Stream Check

Stream Check is a unique analytics tool helping Amuse artists monitor and fight the impact of artificial streams on their music.

Artificial streams, often caused by deceptive promotional services, are a lose-lose situation for legitimate artists. Stream Check provides advice on avoiding and countering artificial activity, bringing you the transparency you need to help your catalog thrive.

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How Does It Work?

Stream Check notifies you of any tracks that Spotify has deemed subject to artificial streaming during the last month. If you distribute music through Amuse, you will see all tracks affected listed in your Music Insights dashboard on web.

If you have no notifications, then great, you’re in the clear! If you have tracks that are flagged, it’s time to take action. Stop the bots or reach out to playlist curators that you suspect might be the source so you don’t get fined or worse, your music taken down. 

What Is Artificial Streaming?

Artificial streams refers to artificially inflated number of views, streams, followers, or sales of music to manipulate popularity and generate royalty revenue. Apart from breaking the T&Cs of streaming services as well as distributors, it strips legitimate artists of hard work and money.

Some people intentionally abuse the streaming system for financial gain. For legitimate artists, however, issues with artificial streams often involve engaging with a service that offers promotional services (increased streams, followers, downloads, favorable playlist placements, and exposure) in exchange for a fee.

What Is Amuse Doing To Help?

We have over the years implemented a sophisticated system to detect and monitor artificial streams on music released through our digital distribution service.

With features like Music Insights and Stream Check, we're the only open distribution platform bringing the transparency you need to protect your releases from fraudulent streams.

Check out our Helpdesk Section on artificial streaming below for more advice on the topic.