Pitch Your Music

Grow your fanbase and listeners by pitching your music to playlists, radio stations & blogs with Groover.

On Groover.co you can:
Submit your new release in seconds
Choose among 3,000+ blogs, radios, playlist curators and music industry professionals
Get your music listened to and receive feedback
Gets coverage, visibility and recognition on your upcoming project

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Submit your songs

Artists their songs to a selection of music curators (blogs, radio stations, playlists), record labels, and music pros of their choice using micro-payments.

Curators & Pros Listen

Curators & pros have 7 days to provide written feedback and decide if they will share the song as reviews, playlist adds, radio broadcasts, and etc.

Promotion & Discovery

The media outlets, radios, labels rediscover the excitement of listening to new music, empty their email inboxes, and get paid for their music discoverty activity! 

Why Pitch?

Pitching your music to curators and pros is essential in growing your fanbase and getting your music in front of new and more listeners. 

Releasing your music to streaming platforms is the first step, not last, in the release journey.  It’s important to build momentum around it and to constantly promote your music, especially nowadays when you never know when it will go off on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

We interviewed Dorian Perron, co-founder of Groover, on what's important for artists to include in their pitch below. 

Read our article on "Grow your fanbase through playlists, radio stations and blogs with Groover"


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