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Amuse Pro is the set of tools that helps you unlock the next level of your independent music career. Get access to fast lane releases, add team members, split royalties without fees and put your music on Instagram and TikTok. Sign up now!



• 100% royalties
• Royalty splits
• Release in 4 weeks
• Customer support
• One artist profile


limited time offer

$59.99 $19.99/yr

*valid all through January 2021.
price in USD.

• 100% royalties
• No-fee royalty splits
• Fast lane: release in 14 days
• Music on Instagram
• Music on TikTok
• Team members
• Multiple artist profiles
• Youtube Content ID
• Fast lane support


Split It Up

Royalty Splits is the easiest way for you to share earnings from your music with anyone! This feature is free for Pro users, but also available for other users against a 15% fee of their split. Just send an invite to your producer, feature artists or manager and you’ll never have to bother with manual payouts again.

Invite the team

Invite your manager, producer and collaborators to your profile, or gather all your artist profiles in one account. Everyone gets their individual level of access, but more importantly, everyone gets a share of the action.


Your Music, in More Places

You’ve worked hard for your releases, now make sure they’re available in as many places as possible. With Amuse Pro you can put your music on social media and local stores across the globe.






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Fast Lane Releases & Support

Skip the Line

Get your music out into the world faster! Your releases still have to follow the music stores’ guidelines, but signing up for Amuse Pro lets you release your music as quickly as 14 days from upload. We also guarantee support responses within 24 hours.

Multiple Artist Profiles

Gather Your Projects

Are you a producer who’s also in a band who’s also got a solo project? With Amuse Pro you can add multiple artist profiles and access them all seamlessly from one account.


Youtube Content ID

Get a Slice of YouTubers' Ad Revenue

With Amuse Pro, you can request YouTube Content ID for your original releases. This means your music can be identified and generate a share of advertising revenue when played in YouTube creator’s videos (as long as it doesn’t contain samples or beat packs) 

Watch Google explain how YouTube Content ID works

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