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Thank you for choosing Amuse (“Amuse”, “we”, “us”, “our”). By signing up to or otherwise using the Amuse platform, app, service, websites, and software applications (together, the “Amuse Service” or “Service”), you are entering into a binding contract with Amuseio AB, a Swedish based company with registration number 559036-7016.

These PRO Terms of Use apply to the Services and tools you’ll receive access to when buying a Subscription to Amuse PRO as further specified below (“Amuse PRO”).

Your agreement with us includes these PRO Terms of Use (“PRO Terms of Use”), our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, that apply to your interaction with each Service (collectively the “Agreements”). Please read these documents carefully. You acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these Agreements and agree to be bound by them. If you don’t agree with (or cannot comply with) the Agreements that apply to the services with which you interact, then don’t access or use the Amuse Service.


When paying for a subscription (“Subscription”) to Amuse PRO, you do so on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on which length of Subscription term you choose. As soon as you have paid for your Subscription and the payment has reached Amuse, Amuse PRO will be activated on your account.

You can subscribe to Amuse PRO through our website or in-app on iOS and Android, by logging in to your Amuse Account or by creating one.

Your subscription will automatically renew, and your chosen method of payment will be charged accordingly, until you either fail to pay the renewal fee or you or Amuse terminates or cancels your Account. Should you not renew your Subscription, Amuse reserves the right to immediately inactivate Amuse PRO including all the tools, features, benefits and Stores that you have had access to as a subscriber of Amuse PRO.

To unsubscribe, you must do this on the platform you used to subscribe to Amuse PRO. Meaning, if you subscribed through the website or Android phone, you manage your Subscription and unsubscribe through the website. If you have subscribed through iOS (in-app purchase), you manage your Subscription and unsubscribe through your app store account. When you have unsubscribed, you’ll be given an end date to when the Amuse PRO tools will be inactivated. You’ll have access to the tools, features, benefits and stores for as long as you have paid for the Subscription.


Depending on the platform you use to buy a Subscription to Amuse PRO, different terms apply.

When buying in-app on your iPhone, Apple Store terms and conditions apply to your payment in addition to these PRO Terms of Use.

If you make your payment through the Amuse website or in-app on your Android phone, the terms and conditions of the payment provider Adyen applies, however in addition to these PRO Terms of Use.

When the payment is made you’ll receive a confirmation of your payment. When the payment has been approved by the payment provider, Amuse PRO will be made available to you.

If your card has expired or if any of the information needed to make a renewal payment is wrong, you’ll have a grace period (“Grace Period”), subject to Amuse’s sole discretion, where we will retry payment every day for fourteen (14) days, before we terminate your access to Amuse PRO. During the Grace Period, you’ll still have access to the PRO tools, but you will however, pay retroactively for the Grace Period once a payment is successful.


You’ll find the pricing for Amuse PRO monthly and yearly Subscription in the app or on the Website.

We reserve the right to change the pricing at any time. If we do, we will notify you in advance, giving you time to cancel your Subscription. We will not, however, increase the price during your Subscription period. Do note that you are fully responsible for any applicable taxes due from you by law and any payment, currency exchange and banking fees charged by the payment service and method.


With Amuse PRO, you can create multiple artist profiles. You can also invite other users, both from the Amuse platform as well as persons outside of the Amuse platform. The invite will be sent to the email address and/or phone number you have provided of the person you want to invite. The person must accept the invite and create an Amuse Account in order to get access to the artist profile. An existing user must pay for an Amuse PRO Subscription in order to access more than one artist profile.

With Amuse PRO, you can split royalties for a Recording with other Amuse users. You can also receive royalty splits from other users’ Recordings. Users who are not paying for a Subscription to Amuse PRO, will pay a commission of 15% on their share of the royalties earned from the Recording(s) they are invited to (the “Commission”). The Commission will be withheld on royalties earned from the period not paid for. Should you cancel your Subscription, not pay for your Subscription renewal or should your Subscription expire, the Commission will be withheld from royalties earned after the Subscription has expired.    Should you start paying for Amuse PRO, you will not pay the Commission on royalties earned during your Subscription period.

Amuse PRO allows you to add and edit royalty splits for new and previously released Recordings. Once new royalty splits are submitted, all invited users must accept and confirm the invites before any royalty splits can take effect. Royalty splits submitted will take effect on royalties reported from the same month the splits were confirmed. Should you have submitted royalty splits for a new Recording, all royalty splits must be confirmed on the day the Recording is released. Should there be any unconfirmed splits, the unconfirmed split will be reverted and assigned to the user whose account is the owner of the Recording.


When using Amuse PRO, you get priority access to our content team, where your release will be checked and delivered to all Stores of your choosing within fourteen (14) days, or at a later date of your choosing, provided that your release is submitted after you have paid for your Subscription or have an active PRO trial and that your release has been approved and all assets and metadata connected with the release are correct. We will inform you, should your release not be approved. Any release submitted prior to your Subscription or trial of Amuse PRO, will not receive fast lane access. Each Store determines the delivery time for the distribution of your Recordings. We do not assume liability for the delivery times of the Stores. During, for example, the Holidays, we will do our best to notify you in advance of the extended delivery times of the Stores.


Amuse can guarantee you a response from our support team within 24 hours from when the original support ticket was created. It’s important that when you do contact support, you do so in the support form provided, together with all applicable and asked for information Amuse needs to help you. You must use the email address connected with your AMUSE PRO account to contact our support team, otherwise priority support will not apply. This Service does not guarantee a solution within 24 hours. We will, however, always do our best to help you find a solution to your problem as soon as reasonably possible.


When subscribing to Amuse PRO, you are entitled to upload as many of the Recordings as you want, without any restrictions in number of releases.


Included in Amuse PRO is access to several more Stores and platforms, like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, however in Amuse’s and the Store’s sole discretion, and as amended from time to time. Amuse assumes no liability for any interruptions, delays, errors or any suspensions of access, reports or payouts, in the Stores, neither in whole nor in part. Amuse assumes no liability if your Recordings are not made available in a particular Store due to their terms of use.

Should you cancel or not pay for your Subscription or if your Subscription expires, your Recordings will immediately be taken down from the Amuse PRO stores.


With Amuse PRO, you are eligible for Youtube Content ID. This does not, however, mean that you are entitled to access the service. This is in the sole discretion of Youtube and their terms of use. Amuse is not liable or responsible if Youtube finds your Recordings and/or content being in violation of their terms.


The term (“Term”) of the PRO Terms of Use and Amuse PRO will commence from the date of payment, or, if you have been invited but not paid for a Subscription, from the date of accessing Amuse PRO (“Effective Date”) and continue until terminated or canceled in accordance with the PRO Terms of Use or Terms of Use.

Amuse may, in its sole discretion, at any time during the Term, terminate your Account and/or Subscription if Amuse deems that any of your Recordings or other content violates the Agreements, including but not limited to, uploading copyright infringed content, engaging in any illegal, forced or fraudulent activity, like manipulated streaming, or if we reasonably believe that the payment was made fraudulently or unlawfully.


If you cancel your Subscription or if you do not pay the renewal fee and your Subscription expires, your Account will return to a free account, meaning you can no longer access the PRO tools. Your Recordings will be taken down from the Amuse PRO stores, you will only be able to have one (1) main artist profile through which you can distribute music while other artist profiles you have access to will become read-only, and you will be charged a 15% commission on all royalty splits you are included in. You will no longer access YouTube Content ID or have access to Fast Lane releases or VIP support. You can resubscribe at any time and get access to all tools again. There will not be a Grace Period should you or Amuse terminate or cancel your Account or Subscription.

Should Amuse or any of the payment methods used detect fraud or any unlawful behaviour in regards to your payment, Amuse reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, immediately close down your account.

Amuse also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine if you, your use of the Services or your Recordings have breached any section of the Agreements. If we find that a breach has occured, we take such and any action we deem appropriate. We might, but not limited to, temporarily or permanently disable or block your Account and remove any and all Recordings and/or material uploaded through our Services, withhold any royalties attributable as well as freeze your Account, without notifying you. Should your Account be frozen, Amuse will cancel your Subscription immediately and no renewal fee will be withdrawn from you. You will, however, be able to log in to your Amuse Account and access information about streams and royalties accrued, as well as make payouts.


As soon as you have made your payment, you’ll receive access to the AMUSE PRO services. You may therefore only receive a refund of your paid Subscription if Amuse is in direct violation/breach of these PRO Terms of use. In no other circumstance are you entitled to a refund. Any refund approved will be paid out to the same method of payment you used when paying for AMUSE PRO. You are not entitled to a refund if we terminate your Account because you have breached the Agreements.

We are in no way liable or responsible for any third party failures. We will, however, do our best to help you fix the problem.



Moreover, you agree that you have received permission for and from each artist you invite or make an artist profile for. You also agree that you are to every extent responsible and liable for the correctness of the royalty splits that you administer on the Amuse PRO service.


Occasionally we may, in our discretion, make changes to the Agreements. When we make material changes to the Agreements, we’ll provide you with prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances, e.g., by displaying a prominent notice within the Service or by sending you an email. In some cases, we will notify you in advance, and your continued use of the Service after the changes have been made will constitute your acceptance of the changes. Therefore, please make sure you read any such notice carefully. Should you not accept these changes, please cancel your Account.


We may from time to time, in our sole discretion, make changes to the Services. If we make material changes, we’ll do our best to notify you about them.


If you have any questions concerning the AMUSE PRO tools or the Agreements, please contact our Customer Support Here.

© Amuseio AB. 2020. All Rights Reserved.