Selected By Amuse How Does It Work

Selected by Amuse — How does it work?

How do I get 'Selected by Amuse?'

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“Selected by Amuse” (formally known as 'Staff Picks') is a curated playlist by Amuse where we feature tracks that are released through Amuse on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, as well as on our social platforms. The tracks are often a mix of music our content-operations team stumbles upon when reviewing releases, as well as from the submission form that is open to everyone here.

We normally promote only our licensed artists on our channels, however, we know that getting your music heard is hard. So every week, the Amuse team gathers around and listens to a selection of tracks that we liked from our database and submission form, and vote for which tracks to feature.

We try to vary our picks as much as possible, to showcase music from all different parts of the world as well as genres.

We narrow the picks down to six selections per week, with one feature artist that had the most votes, whom we interview and get to know a bit more and share on our channels. The six tracks are then posted on our social channels as well as on our official Spotify Playlist 'Selected by Amuse.' If you have an artist account, we always make sure to tag you so you are notified of the feature.

We get hundreds of submissions every week so make sure to stand out! Also don't be disheartened if your submission does not get selected; rather, keep making music and keep the submissions going on your time will come!

Submit to 'Selected by Amuse' here.

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