How To Distribute Music Lyrics

How to Distribute Music Lyrics with Musixmatch

Distributing music lyrics is one great way to connect with your fans. It gives them an even deeper understanding of your tracks, helps you showcase your work, and grows your audience. That’s why we’ve partnered up with our friends at Musixmatch. Together, we’re making sure your lyrics (and music) reach the right eyes and ears in no time.

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Distributing Your Lyrics with Musixmatch

Musixmatch Pro offers multiple plans to get you started. With their free plan, you’ll be able to verify your artist, edit, and distribute your lyrics to music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and all social networks. If you want to take it up a notch, you can sign up to a Premium account, where you’ll unlock the free features together with some bonus ones. These include the creation of unlimited lyric videos to share on your socials, and the possibility to outsource the curation of your lyrics to trusted Musixmatch professionals.

Why should an artist upload lyrics?

Now more than ever, lyrics are an essential part of the modern digital music experience. For fans, lyrics enrich the experience of music to get them closer to the artist, and for creators and their teams lyrics are a valuable asset to grow their fanbase, further monetise their business, and generate high quality, customized content.

By verifying your lyrics once on Musixmatch Pro, you open the door for fans to interact with them in so many ways. To name a few, verified lyrics are indexed and therefore searchable on google and streaming platforms to boost discovery, they can be sung along with on Spotify or Apple Music, or shared over Instagram stories.

Plus, the lyrics themselves make great content! Verifying and time syncing your lyrics means you’ll be able to access them within the Pro app and easily create customizable lyric videos that make even more exciting and engaging content across different social media platforms.

How does it work?

To get your own lyrics on Musixmatch all you need to do is verify your artist profile, read the guidelines and begin to transcribe and sync your lyrics, either line by line or word by word. It’s that easy!

How do you get verified on Musixmatch Pro?

Only the artist or their direct team (label, management etc) can claim their Artist Profile. We take great care to manage artist verifications and requests manually.

In order to verify your artist profile, all you need to do is sign-up to Musixmatch Pro, and click “add an artist” from the roster page. From there simply provide your artist’s Spotify and Apple artist URLs and our verification team will do the rest.

You’ll receive a confirmation email once approved, and your artist will appear in your roster ready to begin adding lyrics.

Amuse Tip: Verify and Manage Your Lyrics

Once you become a verified artist, you’re the boss. You’ll have the ability to verify, edit, synchronize, and make sure that your lyrics are accurate. And if a community member on Musixmatch has already posted your lyrics, all you need to do is check them and confirm that they’re correct. These verified lyrics will be displayed as your official lyrics, and no one will be able to make any changes to them once they’re up. Musixmatch will then send your lyrics to music platforms within a few days, but verified lyrics will immediately appear in Musixmatch’s catalog and Google’s search results.

Are there any factors to keep in mind when uploading lyrics?

At Musixmatch, we’re dedicated to making sure your lyrics are the highest quality possible. For this reason, it’s extra important that our users familiarize themselves with our easy to follow transcription guidelines.

Also, to make the process easier for MusixmatchPro users and artists, we’ve integrated a format feature in the transcription tool that gives helpful tips on how to make sure your lyrics are the best they can be.

Alternatively, artists and their teams can outsource the task of curating their lyrics to our expert team with a Pro subscription, gaining access to our expert curators and our amazing new Lyric Video tool!

Which stores and/or streaming platforms can you upload lyrics to?

Once properly transcribed and synced, your verified lyrics will be delivered to Musixmatch, Spotify, Instagram, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Shazam, and more.

Musixmatch has recently launched a new suite of tools for professionals, Musixmatch Pro. Could you tell us a bit about the new launch and what additional features it has?

Of course! Musixmatch Pro was created to support the many needs of artists, managers, and labels. Beyond its primary functionality of distributing your lyrics to all major streaming platforms, Pro enables artists and their teams to manage their public profile, claim their songwriting and performance credits, and even outsource the transcription, tagging, and synchronization of lyrics to one of our expert curators.

We know that the job of a modern artist and a creative team is ever-evolving which is why Pro is rising to meet these needs with its new services and features. Our newest product is streamlining the process of content creation through customizable AI-powered lyric videos.

What’s a Lyric Video?

Lyric videos are music videos that display time synced lyrics to a song set to a customized background or footage. With a Pro premium account, a user can choose to make a 30 second lyric video clip, perfect for social media, or they can create a full length lyric video for Youtube for an additional charge.

Short form content is now the standard format that fans interact with and use to share music online. Lyric videos are a perfect alternative to traditional videos as they are far more affordable, impactful, and replicable through Musixmatch Pro.

How does it work?

With a Pro subscription, Artists now have access to our Lyric Video tool to easily create and share many dynamic lyric videos ready to engage their fans on social networks in seconds. This handy tool eliminates the need to learn expensive software and allows verified artists to generate 30-second clips, formatted and ready to export to their favorite social media platform, and for a small additional fee, subscribers can request high quality, customized, full length Lyric Videos made for Youtube. Artists can choose the type of sync (word by word, or line by line), font, color and design of their lyrics as well as choose between a collection of different background colors and templates to best suit their song. Artists can use their existing photos, videos, artwork or footage directly within the app to create a completely customized video asset.

Pro subscriptions are available at a range of prices, providing valuable tools and services for artists at every stage of their career.

Which formats does it generate the videos in? Which stores can artists upload their lyric videos to?

Pro users can choose from any of the most popular social formats to download as an MP4 file or directly export within the app to Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

And lastly, what is your best tip for artists and musicians in utilizing lyrics to promote their music and maximizing reach?

The best way for artists, musicians, and their teams to make the most of their lyrics is by subscribing to a Musixmatch Pro premium plan and making sure that their Pro profile and lyrics to-do list are completed.

After verifying their artist profile, ensuring that their lyrics are synced and transcribed properly is crucial to making sure that those lyrics are indexed on Google and searchable on all major streaming platforms, improving both discoverability and the opportunity for fans to connect with and share those lyrics. A Musixmatch Pro premium membership includes Premium Support, the Lyric Video tool and our Lyrics Curation service, the task of distributing lyrics and quickly generating high quality Lyric Video content has never been easier!

How to add and synchronize lyrics with MusixMatch Pro:

Once verified, artists or their representatives can easily add their lyrics to Musixmatch’s database using Musixmatch Pro tools.

To verify lyrics, you must:

  1. Connect an audio source, such as Spotify, or upload the MP3 of the song

  2. Transcribe the lyrics following Musixmatch guidelines

  3. Sync the lyrics line by line or word by word

  4. Submit the result

Until the lyrics have been transcribed and synced, they won't be marked as verified and won't be sent to Musixmatch’s partners.

If you want to learn more about how to add your lyrics to Instagram stories, check out:

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