Royalty Advance Service Fast Forward Available To Artists

Amuse's Royalty Advance Service Fast Forward Is Now Available To Artists

Find out more about our new data-driven service that lets artists tap into future royalties.

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We are so excited to announce the launch of Fast Forward, our new data-driven service that lets independent artists access up to six months of their future royalties — now.

Staying true to Amuse’s vision of using innovation to support artists’ creative freedom, the service enables artists to accelerate and invest in their careers when it matters most; whether it’s buying equipment, renting a studio or taking their show to a new city. With Fast Forward, artists won’t have to wait months to receive delayed royalty payments.

Open for all eligible artists distributing their music through Amuse, Fast Forward uses up to 35 billion data points to automatically calculate and offer emerging artists access to future royalties, while allowing them to keep the rights to their music.

Each offer is based on the artist’s streaming pattern and is available to them in exchange of an individually based one-time fee.

"We founded Amuse with the ambition to reinvent the music industry and offer artist friendly tools like Fast Forward to help artists accelerate their careers while staying independent," says Diego Farias, CEO and co-founder of Amuse. "The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received from artists as well as the industry to Fast Forward demonstrates the need for this service and we’re excited to roll this out on a larger scale."

The service enables artists to accelerate their careers while still retaining the rights to their music, whether it’s to fund a tour, create a video, buy new equipment, or market their music.

“I would say independence is financial freedom and having more time,” says singer-songwriter Sivonyia about life as an independent artist. “I would spend [my Fast Forward royalty advance] money on travelling as much as possible, and buying some new equipment would also be cool. I’m working on a new EP, so I think it would be good to go on the road and tour.”

“I’d probably use [my Fast Forward advance] to either fix or buy some music equipment,” says NYC-based electornic producer Moon Diagrams. “I really need a new case and pedalboard to protect my equipment so that what I have already actually survives touring. I’d also use part of it as a tour support, to help get me to a few shows.”

If you are already using Amuse, just log in to the app to see if you have an offer from Fast Forward. If you aren’t using Amuse but want to find out more, message us here and we’ll get back to you.