Pushing Music Forward

Supporting a new generation of stars, Amuse provides smart funding, digital music distribution and additional services to the self-releasing and independent artist community.
As music discovery is becoming more and more fueled by social media and algorithms, music consumption is becoming increasingly individual. The concept of a traditional superstar is changing, as a new wave of very successful artists are popping up by their own force. 

Over the past half-decade, Amuse has been building an offering designed for this shift.

Apart from our open DIY distribution and smart digital tools, our licensing leg offers flexible funding, lean marketing strategies and additional artist services that help tomorrow's platinum selling talent make the most out of their momentum, from bedroom to stardom.

Artist Friendly, Data Driven

We use the data generated by our distribution platform to build artist-friendly services for a new era of success. Offering flexible funding and licensing deals, artists from across the world come to Amuse to release, fund and develop the platinum selling tracks of tomorrow.


Amuse is founded in Stockholm, Sweden by music industry ex-executives and tech experts, aspiring to reinvent talent discovery and artist deals with the help of streaming data.


We launch the world’s first mobile music distribution app in Sub-Saharan Africa. We then pivot to Scandinavia and launch an iOS app.


Grammy award winning artist and creative entrepreneur Will.i.am joins as co-founder. Our label gets their first Swedish gold plaque with Adel’s “Skina”.


Amuse raises a $15.5MUSD from leading investors within the music & tech industry.


Amuse is a global thing. Users from over 100 countries. Offices and operations across Nordics, US, UK and LatAm. Lil Nas X releases “Old Town Road” through Amuse, opening the door for an upcoming wave of DIY superstars. 


Our cutting edge automatic royalty advance service Fast Forward drops, along with our web app. We also expand our distribution offering with Pro - offering expanded functionality for independent artist collectives, managements and multi-artist-profiles.


Our Boost distribution tier launches, offering full functionality for the modern DIY artist landscape, including distribution to Instagram and TikTok.


Amuse becomes a top 5 DIY distributor globally, in terms of release volume market share. Our label receives our first US Gold certification with Awfultune’s “i met sarah in the bathroom”.


We launch our AI Mastering service Master Your Music, as well as a revamped, granular Music Insights feature. 30 000+ next gen advances have been paid out through Fast Forward. We have our first licensed artist hit 1B+ streams through Amuse, and a series of US, UK & CA platinum and gold certifications. The year ends with a 50% market share of the 10 most streamed artists in Sweden.


Yot Club becomes our second licensed artist to surpass 1B+ streams.

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