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We believe that anyone and everyone should be able to release their music, paving the way for a new generation of artists. That's why we offer different tiers with features to support you as you grow.


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Upgrade to unlock additional features such as more stores, faster releases, 24h support, team accounts, financial reports and more.

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Release as much music as you want, whenever you want.

Next-level Stores

Upgrade to get your music out on more stores and services, like Twitch, Instagram, Tiktok and more.


Enable Pre-saves on Spotify and Apple for your next release.

Multiple Artists

Switch between different artist projects and profiles without logging in and out.

Team Accounts

Invite your manager, label, producer, and collaborators to access your account.

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Every week we curate a list of tracks we discover through our distribution platform, favorited by our team. 

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