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We support a new generation of DIY and independent artists, from bedroom to stardom.

Supporting a new generation of stars, Amuse provides smart funding, digital music distribution and additional services to the self-releasing and independent artist community. We use the data generated by our distribution platform to build artist-friendly services for a new era of success. Offering flexible funding and licensing deals, artists from across the world come to Amuse to release, fund and develop the platinum selling tracks of tomorrow.

Your Music Everywhere

Release your music to all major streaming platforms with our fast and smooth digital distribution.




Fast release deliveries, withdraw upcoming royalties, advanced Music Insights, Release ASAP within 5 working days, and more.



Faster release deliveries, manage multiple artist profiles, custom label, Release ASAP, 24h priority support, and more.

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Tailored Deals and Artist Services

Grow your fanbase and access flexible funding with our tailored licensing deals. Our label team takes music with momentum to the next level, while artists stay in charge of their creative control and master rights.

Join the thousands of artist who release their music with Amuse every day.