Master Your Music

You can now upload your unreleased tracks directly into our web app to master before releasing to stores.

Mastering your tracks is essential in preparing your music but learning how to master your tracks can be extremely time-consuming and finding the cash to pay for an audio engineer is difficult when you’ve got (one hundred) other things you need to spend your money on. You’re already hustling independently and finding creative ways to get your music heard, from promotion to securing live bookings. Time and budget are valuable, especially when you’re starting out.

With our new mastering tool, simply drag and drop your unmastered track, and let us do the mastering for you for just $6 a track.

Try it out now

Why Master?

When you’re finished mixing your song, it’s ready to be mastered. This final but necessary step puts the finishing touches on your mix, enhancing the overall sound so that it is ready to be released, making your music sound balanced, cohesive, uniform, professional, and ready for distribution. 

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For any questions specific to mastering, please contact