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We believe that artists should stay in control of their music, which is why we offer music licensing deals.

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Artist friendly, data driven

While most record labels have 40+ page contracts (sigh), Amuse uses easy-to-understand artist agreements. We take care of the boring stuff so you have more time to focus on the music.

We believe in only offering artist-friendly deals. After the licensing term, artists regain full ownership of their music.

Our label team uses the music consumption data flowing through our distribution service to discover, sign, and build rising talent.

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Label services

We partner with select artists that we believe in, offering tailored, flexible deals that can include advances and, at times, support services such as:

Strategic Planning: Amuse provides expert release strategy and planning support for your track to grow its audience.

Marketing: Our highly skilled Marketing team can help create bespoke plans to engage and grow your audience.

Financing: We offer friendly and fair deals of various levels, based on the needs of your music career.

Branding & PR: Our team can also provide branding and PR support.

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Artist-friendly contracts

While most record labels have 40+ page contracts, Amuse uses easy-to-understand 3.5 page artist agreements. We take care of the boring stuff so you have more time to focus on the music.

When we sign a new artist, we make sure they still own all their work. This means that once the contract period is over, you regain full control over your music.

Fair deals

At Amuse, we think it’s only fair to split profit 50/50 with our artists, unlike most major record labels who take an 80/20 cut. We also maintain transparent relationships with our artists, never keeping you in the dark about your career.

Amuse takes all the risk by paying for the project upfront, splitting the profit once you’re fully recouped. If offered a record deal, there is no obligation to sign.

Label services

When we find an artist we believe in, we offer them a licensing deal that includes strategic planning, marketing, financing, branding and PR.


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