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We look for trends in data


We offer select deals

At Amuse, we believe in only offering artist friendly deals. After the licensing term is over, artists regain full ownership of their music.

Licensed Artists

Our label team finds talent through data, offering tailored label deals and services to amplify the success of tracks with momentum.

Our label team uses the music consumption data flowing through our distribution service to license tracks, discover, and build rising talent. We partner with select artists that we believe in, offering tailored, flexible deals that can include advances and, at times, support services such as:

Strategic Planning

Amuse provides expert release strategy and planning support for your track to grow its audience.


Our highly skilled Artist Marketing team can help create bespoke plans to engage and grow your audience.


We offer friendly and fair deals of various levels, based on the needs of your music career.

Branding & PR

Our team can also provide branding and PR support.

Our Licensed Artists

We're a genre and location agnostic label.

See more of our licensed artists.

Listen to Our Licensed Tracks

A curated playlist of some of our label artists. Updated on a monthly basis, so check back to discover which tracks we're signing.

Artist Friendly Deals

We offer a tailored licensing deal

We help grow your music and audience

Your music achieves new heights

Amuse has reimagined the record label by offering unique and tailored artist friendly deals, helping artists grow with us. After the deal term is over, the artists get 100% of their rights and ownership back.

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"Not only were their terms very fair but by using their resources, we saw an increase of over double the streams in some cases. If you are an artist that is looking for extra help and traction on your music but don't want to be tied in to long term and unfair deals then we can't recommend Amuse enough."

GAWNE, 75M+ streams on Spotify

Promoting Sounds cover art  for single, "Stay For a While"

"We have worked with Amuse now as our distributor for nearly 5 years and throughout that time the whole platform has been amazing. The customer service has been flawless and it has allowed us to not worry about anything going wrong on release day."

Promoting Sounds, 532M+ streams on Spotify

"The way Amuse helped me to organize my goals while still always conceding full creative autonomy to me, has made for a sincerely valuable partnership."

Brooksie, 83M+ streams on Spotify

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