Artist Stories Kamelen

Artist Stories: Kamelen

We spoke to Kamelen, the Norwegian rapper, whose music catalogue just earned him a million NOK partnership with Amuse and our new Fast Forward royalty advance feature.

Written by amuse - May 2, 2018

In the third episode of Amuse’s mini-documentary series ‘Artist Stories’, Norwegian rapper Marcus Kabelo Møll Mosele — aka Kamelen — gives us a sneak peek into life as one of Scandinavia’s most forward-thinking artists.

Born and raised in Bergen on the Norwegian Atlantic coast, Kamelen spent a few of his younger years in trouble with the judicial system, even releasing his debut single “Si ingenting” while being on the run from jail in 2015.

In the four years since, his hugely popular releases like “Beng Beng Beng” and “Lil Homie” solidified his presence among those to watch, with his album “Ambivalent” and the EP “Lyca” recently earning him a Norwegian Grammy nomination earlier this year.

Insisting on staying in creative control of his music and career, Kamelen has repeatedly chosen to turn down major record deals. Recently, the value of his music catalogue earned him a million NOK (around 100 000 €) partnership with Amuse — a data-driven royalty advance that allows him to access his future royalties while staying independent.

Kamelen’s upcoming album “Kingpin” is due for release later this year. Listen to his music on all streaming platforms here.