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$19.99 Billed annually

Fast deliveries, unlimited releases, withdraw upcoming royalties, advanced insights, release ASAP within 5 working days, and more.



$59.99 Billed annually

Faster deliveries, manage multiple artist profiles, custom label, Release ASAP, 24h priority support, and more.

Licensed Artists

Our label team finds talent through data, offering tailored label deals and services to amplify the success of tracks with momentum.

Get Your Music Out Now

Start releasing your music to all major music platforms asap, without giving up your rights. By distributing your music through Amuse, you make it possible for our label team to follow your momentum. They work with a curated list of artists, offering artist-friendly license deals that help take music to the next level.

Major Music Services

Release your music on all major streaming platforms, music stores and social media.

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Release on the Go

Upload and keep track of your music from our Android and iPhone app. Anywhere, everywhere.

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Shareable Links

Create shareable links and give your people reminders of when your new music is out.

Join the thousands of artists who release their music with Amuse every day.

Partner With Our Label

Reimagining the classic record deal, Amuse offers artist-friendly set-ups that help our roster grow with us. We only offer license deals, meaning that we invest in music over a specified period of time while the artist keeps 100% of their master rights. Each deal is tailored and unique.

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We offer a tailored licensing deal.

We help grow your music and audience.

Your music achieves new heights.

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Portrait of music artist Brooksie, against a bright purple background.

"The way Amuse helped me to organize my goals while still always conceding full creative autonomy to me, has made for a sincerely valuable partnership."

Brooksie, 72M+ streams on "Not Into You"

"Aside from following through on their promise to increase my streams, they have become the team I never knew I needed!"

Cole Norton, 6M+ streams on "Perfect" on Spotify

"My signing with Amuse allowed me to prioritize music and to take the next step in my dream career."

Lea Cota, 1M+ streams on "Sugarcane" on Spotify


Read the latest stories on our blog and learn how to take your music career to the next level.

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Photo of amuse artist Ben Konobe sitting in a red car wearing a black leather jacket

"In 2020, I released my first project with Amuse because they understand artist ownership in a way no other platform does. A short 18 months later, we’re approaching a million streams, ALL INDEPENDENT. Thank you Amuse."

Ben Kenobe, joined Amuse in 2020.

Photo of amuse artist AKA Block, sitting in a chair wearing a colourful knitted jumper, white pants and and a knitted orange beanie

"Amuse is a well-oiled machine that has been supportive of my work, which far surpasses the experiences I’ve had with other labels and distributors that I have released music over the years."

AKA Block, joined amuse in 2017.

Photo of the Tribe Friday's three band members, all three looking into the camera

"We joined Amuse early on in our careers in 2019. As an independent band, it's been great to have a distributor where we have lots of control over our music and are able to use all the features we need for free."

Tribe Friday, joined Amuse in 2019.

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