Saying Goodbye To Our Start Tier And Making Boost Even Better

Why We're Saying Goodbye to Our Start Tier (And Making Boost Even Better)

From March 27th onward, Amuse Start accounts will become dormant. This means Start users will no longer be able to release new music without upgrading to Boost or Pro.

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The Industry is Changing

When Amuse launched in 2017, we set out to fuel the DIY and independent artist movement by making digital distribution as accessible as possible. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of catering to hundreds of thousands of artists around the world. We have grown to become one of the 5 biggest DIY distributors globally, delivering services to the fastest growing sector in the music industry.

During this time, the music landscape has undergone a complete transformation. Independent and DIY artists have taken the reins and shaken up everyone’s idea of what an artist should look like. Each of them have their own vision and own specific needs, and we’re here to support them all the way.

Simply distributing music is not enough in today’s cluttered and fast-paced music landscape. Artists need access to services that help them take their music and recognition to the next level, while they remain in charge of their own creativity.

Amuse’s mission has always been to support artists with smart and easy-to-use services that put more power back into their hands. In addition to our artist-friendly licensing deals, we’re excited about building and presenting more state-of-the-art solutions in the likes of Fast Forward and Music Insights - two of our most popular features. To make more room for this focus, we are reallocating resources from our Start tier. It was an offering that has served our artists and us very well in the past, but to continue putting more love into Boost and Pro, we’ll be saying goodbye to Start.

Restriction of the Start Tier

From March 27th onward, Amuse Start accounts will become dormant. This means Start users will no longer be able to release new music without upgrading to Boost or Pro.

How this will affect Start users:

  • As of March 27, previous Start users’ existing releases and catalogs to date will remain live on streaming services and stores.

  • Start users will need to upgrade to Boost or Pro to release new music.

  • Start users will continue to have access to Music Insights.

  • Start users will continue to be able to withdraw royalties, and receive + accept Early Access and Fast Forward offers.

Making music distribution accessible is still a huge part of our DNA. This is why we have given Boost, our most popular tier, a revamp as well as a new, very competitive price.

Boost - Better than Ever

While some of our competitors have shifted towards invite-only distribution as a response to industry changes, we still think it’s important to democratize releasing music. We have made Boost faster and better than ever, and artists can from today upgrade for only $19.99 USD/year - beating basically any other offer on the market.

The new and improved Boost gives you all the tools you need to take your music to the next level. We’ve also added Release ASAP to Boost, meaning you will be able to release music in as fast as 5 days, compared to the previous 14.

Boost new price update*Price may vary depending on location

We’re dedicated to listening to our artists, making sure that Boost and Pro are not only better and more accessible to all artists, but also that it stays that way.

For any feedback or questions about the restriction of Start, please feel free to reach out to our support team.